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Also known as Yahtzee ™.Score the highest points by throwing five dice to make certain combinations. – Play alone or in a group – Save your personal scores – Try to beat the high score world records in the last 24 hoursCOMBINATIONS – ACES IN THE SIXES CATEGORY: Get a maximum of dice for this value and mark the sum of the dice for this value. – BONUS: Get at least 63 points in the previous combinations and score 35 extra points. – THREE OF A KIND: Get 3 identical dice and mark the sum of 5 dice. – ?SQUARE: Get 4 identical dice and mark the sum of 5 dice. – FULL HOUSE Get three of a king and a pair and score 25 points. – SMALL STRAIGHT: Get 4 dice in a sequence and score 30 points. – LARGE STRAIGHT: Get 5 dice in a sequence and score 40 points. – YAHTZEE : Get five identical dice and score 50 points. – CHANCE : Mark the sum of 5 dice.SOLITARY GAMEChoose the dice to keep and re-roll the others to make the best combination, and twice in a row. Once the two re-rolls have been made, choose a combination that has not yet been selected. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to select all combinations (13 times).LAUNCH NETWORK GAME Start a network game with friends or strangers. – The network game uses Google Cloud Messaging, you must therefore, up ICS (4.0), have a Google account set up on your system – To play with friends, give them the code that appears on the screen, and they can join your game. – To try playing with strangers, "display" the code that appears on the screen, and this will allow other players to "discover" your code and join your game.Once one or more players have joined your game, you can choose amongst them the player or players with whom you want to play and ignore the others. JOIN NETWORK GAME – To join a game started by a friend, enter the code displayed. – Search for a code, if you intend playing with a stranger. If one or more codes are found, choose one and join the corresponding game.OPTIONS Nickname Enter your nickname, which will be used to save your records in the high score world records, and to play a network game – Notify when a network game is open: you can receive a notification when someone initiates a network game and displays the game code. The application checks with the server if games are available every 20 seconds, only when you’re connected via Wi-Fi, and only when the screen of your phone / tablet is not in standby mode.

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