The Best Useful Apps to Make Money Online

Some years ago my only pastime during long commutes and spare time was to read a newspaper or magazine. Nowadays, I make money while traveling or from the comfort of my couch or bed using some of the best and useful apps. If you too want to make money as a pastime by performing interesting tasks on your smartphone, I suggest you download and start using these apps immediately.

apps to make money online

Making Money with Apps?

Yes. I know this sounds incredible. But millions of people worldwide are using some of these best and useful apps to make money online. They provide an ideal pastime and give you extra money to meet household expenses, buy something you want or simply invest in savings products.

Best & Useful Apps to Make Money

The list I am providing here is not specific to any country. Hence, I strongly suggest you check with the company providing this money making apps for validity at your location.

SB Answer

SB Answer is an excellent app to make money online. It is offered by the renowned global market research company, Swagbucks. Using SB Answer is easy and fun. You can earn points for completing small surveys that take a few minutes. Upon collecting sufficient points in your SB Answer app, you can seek a payout. Your rewards can be in the form of cash or shopping vouchers. You can also play small online games on SB Answer and earn more points. Earning more is possible by referring relatives and friends to sign up as a member of the SB Answer paid survey community.

Google Opinion Rewards

This best and useful app to earn money online comes from Internet giant, Google. Google Opinion Rewards does not pay cash. Instead, you receive Google Play Points for expressing your opinion briefly about various things such as products, popularity rankings of prominent persons, trends and news and various other issues. Google provides your answers to decision makers across the world. It helps them improve their brand or product quality. The points you earn are useful for buying sophisticated paid apps, online magazines, video games and other stuff sold on Google Play store.


Turn your smartphone into a news channel by downloading SlideJoy. The app sends you latest news from an area of your choice. You can view the news on the lock screen of your smartphone. You will also receive advertisements that can be also viewed on your lock screen. Every time you slide your lock screen to read the news or advertisements, SlideJoy will pay you some points. On getting enough points, you can request a payout in cash or shopping vouchers.


Toluna is a global online survey company that pays fairly well. I rank Toluna among the best and useful apps to make money online. Upon downloading the Toluna free app, you have to complete a simple registration process to open an account. It takes a couple of minutes only. Upon successful registration, you can take several small surveys that earn you points. Toluna has online surveys on its apps on a variety of topics such as lifestyle, shopping, finance, fashion, cinema and many others. These are fun to complete and hence great pastime. The points you earn can be redeemed for shopping vouchers.


If you are an outdoors person, Observa is the best and useful app for you to make money online. Simply download Observa and complete the registration process. Every time you are in some area, the app will provide opportunities to earn money. By clicking on any opportunity of your choice, you have to note your observations in a simple format provided on the app. Observa pays you cash and shopping vouchers. They pay very quickly too.

In Conclusion

These best and useful apps are very popular among people of all ages. They keep you gainfully engaged and help you make the best use of your smart-phone and mobile Internet connection. You can benefit immensely from these and many more money making apps. I suggest you download more than one app to increase your earnings. Some people make enough money using these apps to pay their bills. You too can benefit from these apps.


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