Check Out the Best Road Trip Android Apps in 2018

Summer is the definition of road trips and holidays, and speaking of road trips, you should take a look at some of the best road trip Android apps as per 2018. Whether we’re talking about cross-country road trips or just hitting the open road, pedal to the metal and all that, you should prepare in advance for making the trip to go as smoothly as humanly possible. Or, in our case, as smooth as a droid.

To begin with, let me present you with Android Auto, which may come handy provided you drive an older car (like yours truly) that doesn’t have the respective feature built-in. Google’s Android Auto app will allow you to stay connected with your vehicle at all times, thus saving you lots of money in two ways: first, you won’t have to upgrade your car’s sound-system (Android Auto is currently built-in basically all new cars’ stereo-systems), or even better, you will not have to buy a brand-new car. Android Auto is available regardless of what Android version you run on your smartphone, and it can be configured to be automatically launched when connected to your car via a Bluetooth FM transmitter or your car’s own Bluetooth, provided it has one. Here’s the download link (don’t worry, it’s free).

Another  must-have road trip app is Waze, a cool piece of software that will deliver real time traffic information courtesy of other Waze users, including police traps, accident reports and various other dangers seen by others on the road. You can also contribute to the Waze community by providing your own updates. Waze works by automatically rerouting you in order to avoid trouble, and also comes with cool features, like helping you finding the cheapest gas stations and things of that nature. And here’s the download link.

Finally, there’s Google Trips (link) and Yelp (link).  The former is an awesome travel planning application, while the latter will provide you with the best places to visit/check out (like restaurants, museums and what not).

Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to download and install the best road trip android apps.


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