The Latest Android Apps One Should Download

2013 was great. Android apps ruled the market with some truly outstanding apps. 2014 is already underway and the users worldwide are waiting for some great innovative, educative and fun apps. The apps released so far look promising.

Take a gander at the latest apps for Android.


Jelly Android App

It is a social app that allows the user to search answers by making use of pictures from people within his/her social networks.

Key features:

• Pose questions accompanied with images. Functionalities allowed with images: crop, zoom, reframe and drawing on the images to specify more.
• Works closely with the users social networks.
• Allows answering in addition to posing questions
• Questions can be furthered beyond the app for friends who do not use Jelly so that they can help.
• The app seeks permission to utilize the location of the device to send questions and answers
• Supports Android 4.0 and up
• It is free


Privatext Android App

It is an outstanding communication app that brings the dual benefit of comfort and privacy to face-to-face chatting on the handheld devices like smartphones. It fixed the security issue ensuing with snapchat. This is ideal for people who have been waiting for a private messaging app.

Key features:

• The messages are destructed after a period of time from the user’s phone, their contacts phone and even the Privatext servers
• It facilitates a fantastic feature “Confimation Texting”. With the help of this feature, the user can clear the sent message before it is read, if sent to any wrong person.
• The user can remain carefree as regards his personal information including social security information and credit card information.
• All the images and messages are distinctively encoded in order to protect them from being saved, copied or intercepted.
• The user can keep a password to protect messages with Privatext
• Supports Android 2.3 and up
• It is free


Udemy Android App

Udemy happens to be largest online stop-over for all kinds of educational courses. The courses offered are programming, entrepreneurship, photography, yoga, marketing, salsa, cake decorating, design and much more.

Key features:

• Thousands of courses on-demand
• The user can learn even on the go. The course may include articles, audios, videos, presentations and everything integrated into the course.
• Watch courses offline either on the subway or on the plane.
• Both free and paid classes are available
• The courses are available 24*7
• Supports Android 4.0 and up
• It is free

Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newwsstand Android App

It is new home for all Google current subscriptions and Google play magazines. This app allows having all the news and your magazines on the android phone or tablet. The user can have all the breaking news, articles and other stories at one place.

Key features

• “Read now” feature helps searching articles on the basis of your liking and provides more of the same kind
• Allows searching categories such as Business and Finance, Arts and photography, Food and Drink and many more
• Allows bookmarking the content that you would like to read later on
• Arrange magazines by issue date
• Allows going offline with any news edition or magazine without missing a page
• Supports android 2.2 and up


Groopic Android App

It is an amazing photography app. While taking a group photo, one member had to remain out or a stranger was needed to take a shot. No more of all that. Groopic solves this issue effectively. Just follow the instructions properly.

Key features:

• Integrates two pictures wherein the user needs to just mark the photographers and the app does the rest of the job
• Supports Android 4.0 and up
• It is free
Believe me these mobile applications are amazing and you must download them today taking into consideration their development which promises an out-of-this world experience.

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