4 Must-Have Apps for Landlords

Apps are useful in any industry where you need to keep track of people. Landlords can use technology to their advantage when looking to keep tenant information organized and searchable.

Landlording is a busy career that needs lots of organization, documentation, and planning. If you are a landlord and want to make your life easier, here are four must-have types of apps you should keep on your phone.

An app that conducts background checks

If you are a landlord, background checks are a must, and they have to be done frequently. If you own multiple properties or even just have a lot of tenant turnover, you absolutely need a quick and easy way to conduct background checks.

There are apps and websites that streamline this process so you don’t have to miss a background check. If you fail to conduct a tenant background check, you could end up with a known troublemaker renting your space. This could lead to compromised safety for the other tenants. Having an app that makes this automatic will give you peace of mind.

An app that allows maintenance to see requests

Maintenance is a big reason why people are turned off by new properties. People see negative reviews about maintenance and feel that their time and money is better spent elsewhere. With that being said, if you can automate your maintenance request process, tenants will have a much better time having their requests heard.

In traditional rental properties, they might have to call and ask a secretary at the leasing office. This secretary then has to somehow get that message to the maintenance people through a schedule of some sort. With an app, the tenant can login, set their request, and put it on an open calendar spot for the maintenance people.

Managerplus is an app you can look into if you have tons of maintenance requests coming in that need to be organized. This will increase tenant satisfaction, as well as take tons of stress off you and the maintenance team.

A specialized calendar app

You probably have a basic calendar on your desktop or phone, but you definitely need to look into a specialized calendar app which sends notifications. This is a great way to keep track of your daily duties as a landlord.

Organizing your life through a mobile calendar like Google Calendar is a smart way to be more productive. You might even have time to replace the screen of an iPhone XR to use as your designated calendar/scheduling phone.

Even better, tons of calendar apps integrate with coworkers’s apps. This can help you schedule meetings without going back and forth about when everyone is free to meet. This seems like a simple download, but having an asset like this will push your business forward.

Rental portal app for residents

Having an app for rent makes the process of paying it much easier for your tenants, and it’s a great way to ensure that you are getting paid on time. Try transitioning to an app like RentTracker. It will help you see who has and hasn’t paid rent yet. It also gives tenants a reminder of when rent is due, as well as an easy way to pay.

Landlordly is an app you can use to contact your tenants through messaging. This is good if you want to set up a personal reminder about rent or events coming up. Owning rental property isn’t just one big cake walk; there is a lot of management that goes on. You might as well use modern day technology to your advantage.


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