Why Do You Need a Good Web Hosting for Your Website?

The web hosting is like a backbone for your website and if you settle with a mediocre one in an effort to save some money, then you will suffer a lot later on. You should always choose a website hosting service that is reliable, comes with multiple features, is secure and offers high bandwidth and storage, and has been already made a good name for themselves by offering satisfactory services to other users. There are literally dozens of such web hosting providers you can choose from, but we are not going to list them down here as it’s extremely easy for you to find the best one according to your requirements. Instead, we are going to see a few points that you need to look for when choosing the web host. These are the features that make a web hosting service good and worth it!

Before we begin, you might ask what actually is a web host and why is it so important; and if you are a beginner, that’s a totally valid question. I’ll explain it here in the simplest terms. When you create a website, you essentially create a bunch of files that can be accessed on the Internet and you need some place to store these files. That’s where the web host comes in as they provide you with a server space to store (or “host”) those files. So when you pick a reliable web hosting, you won’t have to worry about your files being lost because they conduct regular server maintenance and make sure your website is always live.

What to Look for in a Web Host?

1. Reliability & Uptime

As I have already mentioned, a web host needs to be reliable so that you can focus on working and growing your website without worrying about your data being stored on the host. Plus, the uptime refers to the availability of your website. You don’t want your site to go down and users getting an error message when visiting your website as that would negatively affect your site’s performance. So the first thing you need to look for when looking for a web hosting service is the uptime because you want your website to be available all the time.

2. Customer Support

Many people don’t consider this to be a factor worth looking into when buying the web hosting service, but it is really important. If you are not technically-savvy, then you are going to need the help of the customer support staff on many occasions. You might need some help with the technical stuff that’s affecting your website’s performance, or you might want to upgrade your hosting package to accommodate your site’s growth. So, if you are not able to get in touch with the support staff, then it will severely affect your website. So make sure that they have a proper customer support system in place before proceeding. Most of the web hosting companies have 24×7 support available via email, chat and phone calls, but you need to check it out before you spend your money on them.

3. Bandwidth & Storage

Bandwidth means that amount of traffic that your website can handle in a month depending on the hosting package you are using. The hosting providers offer a variety of packages – from shared to dedicated – depending on the size of your website and the traffic you receive. So, if you have an established site that receives a ton of traffic a month, then you need to choose an appropriate package otherwise you will face severe downtime issues all the time. Plus, most of the companies offer “unlimited” bandwidth, even on the cheapest plan, but you should know that these “unlimited” doesn’t really mean unlimited as your site could go offline if the bandwidth usage increases past the limit.

Another thing is storage which, unless you are going to upload videos, high quality images, or store other files, you won’t have to worry about. If you are just going to write articles and share your knowledge with your readers, then you can get away with minimum amount of storage levels.

4. Security

The security of your website should be your number one concern and one that shouldn’t be overlooked even a tiny bit. You are spending a ton of time working on your site and trying to grow it to turn it into a business, so you won’t like to see it all go to waste by some external attacks. There isn’t any complete fail-safe to protect your website; but there are a ton of security plugins available that can minimize the threat.

However, all your effort to keep your website secure may fail if that web hosting itself isn’t secure. If you have used the best security plugins on your site, and using third-party services as well to protect it from outside threats; it won’t matter if your host is compromised and doesn’t make security its top priority. A good host will always be secure and will have certain things in place, like regular backups, firewalls, and other features, to keep all the data safe and secure.

5. Domain Management Tools

If you are beginner who doesn’t understand the technical aspects of the web hosting, then you will need to check if the web host you are interested in has domain management tools or not. You may need web hosting space for only a single site for now, but you may end up needing more websites or to setup subdomains on your existing site. In that case, you will need to purchase more domains and set them up and without proper domain management tools, you won’t be able to do so. Moreover, cPanel is one of the most important things to have in a web host, if you are total beginner, because it makes everything easy and straightforward for you to understand. So, check about this with the customer support before you make the purchase.

6. The Ability to Scale

If you are just starting a website, then you will only need the most basic plan with the minimum features, but you will be needing a lot more in the coming months. You are going to work on your website and establish it into an authority which will attract more and more visitors; and as your website grows, your web hosting needs will also grow. So, a good web host will always have multiple hosting packages available for all kinds of websites, from starters to established websites, and you need to make sure that they are able to move your website from your existing server to a more powerful server almost instantly, and without breaking your site, when the time comes.

7. Clear Pricing

Whenever you purchase something with a recurring payment system, you should always pay close attention to the pricing terms because you don’t want to end up paying a lot. It’s quite common to see an increase in web hosting prices and to make sure you get the best deal, purchase a package for the longest term possible, for example for 3 years. That way you will end up paying a lot less than what you would pay if you buy a monthly package.

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