4 types of Apps that are helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19

In these trying times, we need to be ever-vigilant and able to adapt to new ways of working and living. We all have to work together to limit the spread and threat of COVID-19. We can do this in simple yet creative ways, such as using apps that help in the reduction of the spread. These would primarily be, apps which limit the need to touch things or people. We have 4 different apps which have got you covered in this endeavor.

QR Readers

QR code readers are great apps which can instantly recognize and identify the unique QR cords on the sides of packages and other contactless items. These can be used in all sorts of businesses, but they are seeing rapid growth in areas such as pubs and restaurants. The bills that you can print off can have a QR Code or perhaps, you can have a special offer that is activated via a printed QR Code on a menu. The information should be displayed to the customers and let them know what it’s about, i.e. whether it’s a bill or menu order. It’s simple, they just scan it with their lens and the app should recognize it. The QR codes can also be scanned via payment terminals as well, so they can go on coupons too.

Food delivery apps

As you can imagine, everyone and their pet dog is trying to deliver their products now. No matter if you’re a hardware store, a coffee shop or even a local bakery, you need to start delivering your products to those that are self-isolating at home or are working from home. Food delivery is by far the biggest kind of app growth in terms of popularity. So either you create your own, or you work with a large food delivery app company such as UberEats, JustEat and or Deliveroo. Customers can order online, pay online and the food is delivered to their door in a safe manner.

Parcel tracking 

Of course, people haven’t given up on purchasing things they want, it’s just all transferred to the online sphere or ecommerce. That’s why parcel tracking apps are so popular right now. There are some that track where the parcel is and others that alert you when the parcel has arrived so you can collect it from a safe place. Thanks to a no-touch package delivery and pick-up app such as https://www.parceltracker.com/ rising in popularity, customers or those in offices and apartment blocks can now pick up their packages with safety in mind. You can read more about this mailroom management app here. Employees can scan the QR code and not need a signature from the customer themselves. The parcel can be scanned with a smartphone camera and this is also great for picking up packages too.

Covid proximity 

How awesome would it be if you could just avoid certain areas where COVID-19 has increased in it’s spread? Certain proximity apps show the rise in areas around you so you can take different streets and roads and get to where you need to go, without going through a high-risk zone.

Let’s hope that the pandemic is on the way out and things get back to normal. But these are apps you should use on your phone just in case.

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