How do you add more value to your money by bundling up your internet, cable, and phone services?

The value of money cannot be denied. As they say that time is money, it is because when you earn money your struggle and time is involved in earning it. It is important to realize that there are ways to add more value to your money and save some for future use. We often tend to ignore the ways from which we can save some extra dollars but we think what is there for us, if we are saving a few bucks.

What we are going through is beyond anyone’s comprehension. No one is sure if the situation of COVID19 will get better or worse over the time period. We are all aware and perplexed at the same time. When we saw a change in the numbers of people getting affected by Corona Virus we thought it’s all going to get better but now, reality has hit us hard and we know that doctors are afraid of a second wave that might make it worse.

Now is the time when you can make some smart choices to save your future because there’s a lot of uncertainty that is prevailing and we are facing economic downfall. People are loosing jobs and they tired while staying at home. Spectrum is giving some amazing offers and they are trying to make it easier for you. Spectrum customer service is your source to get all the information about amazing promotional discounts that they are offering.

Bundle up to add more value to your money:

If you only choose Spectrum internet, there is a possibility that for your Cable TV and home phone you are using some other provider. If you choose a bundle package you save more because you will be paying the same bill for all three services. Since Spectrum is offering discounts on bundle packages you can avail that opportunity so, you can save more.

There are additional features that makes Spectrum Internet, Cable TV and home phone a smart choice.

The undeniable perks of bundle packages are many, you are getting some additional features along with a high speed internet that starts from 100 Mbps per sec and goes up-to 1 GIG. It also includes channels from minimum 125+ channels to 200+ channels including your premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Starz EN Core and NFL Network. Home phone is also included in the bundle packages that you can choose.

The names of three packages are:

Spectrum Triple Play Select Package: that has 125+ channels with free HD, and internet speed of 100 Mbps for $99.9 per month/

Spectrum Triple Play Silver: that has 175+ channels with HBO and Showtime and 100 Mbps high speed internet that is around $124 per month.

Spectrum Triple Play Gold: it has 200+ channels with all premium channels and high-speed internet of 200 Mbps per month and it will cost you around $144 per month.

Note: Home Phone service with unlimited nationwide and long distance calling is included in all three package options.

Additional Features on top are:

  • No contracts required.
  • Free Internet modem.
  • No early termination fee.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Free Spectrum TV App.

Wrapping Up,

Bundling up your packages saves you from additional taxes too as you will be paying 1 bill for all three services. Spectrum is second largest provider and it offers you discounts without binding you in any contracts or commitments. YOU GET FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND PEACE OF MIND WITH SPECTRUM. As, there are millions of user around the United States that means Spectrum is a best option for you.

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