5 Best Apps for Job Search in 2020

The process to bag a competitive job is becoming strenuous day by day.

Organizations hiring third-parties to help them with recruitment has become a rampant process. Most interview invites that we get are irrelevant. Sitting long hours in front of laptops to locate and apply for jobs isn’t a pleasant practice either.

Most of us have missed out on an opportunity just because we did not get the time to apply for a job.

But not anymore! With everything going mobile from booking hotels to food delivery, you no longer have to confine to your laptop for an effective job search. No exaggeration there, your dream job is one app away! All you have to do is download them!

Here’s a list of the best apps for job search in 2020:

1) Indeed

Indeed continues to top the game when it comes to both desktop sites and apps for job-search in 2020.

Available on both iOS and Android, the app is as exhaustive as its desktop version and feels like an extension. You can upload your resumes, cover letters, and portfolio on the app. You cannot find your desired jobs passively as it is search-based.

Before applying for a few jobs, you may have to fill job-specific information and may need to upload your resume and portfolio which can be a bit cumbersome.

However, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because of how the app has revolutionized your job-hunting journey.  If your smartphone does not have this app, you are already far behind.

2) Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a well-known name in the job market. Just like Indeed, the glassdoor app is also available in both iOS and Android play stores.

Similar to its desktop version, the app allows job thirsty candidates to choose from thousands of options to filter the jobs that best resonates with who they are and what they want professionally.

Besides this, you get access to inside scoops and reviews of companies by the former and current employees of the company.

What makes Glassdoor special?

There are different segments such as salaries, companies, jobs, and interviews which can be accessed individually.

You get to know if a candidate has had a bad experience during an interview in a company.

Having access to interview experience of diverse professionals applying for the job in that particular company, your job hunt becomes a lot easier as you can simply take a judgement call and quit the idea of applying altogether or strategize accordingly if the professional’s cons does not seem like that big of a con to you.

3) SnagAjob

SnagAjob app is the best app when it comes to finding hourly jobs. Millions of employers who hire people on an hourly basis register with SnagAjob.

It has an easy-to-use interface catering to its non-salary workers. You have to import your social media profiles and fill personal details and then you can get the process started.

You can filter the positions by their schedule. This app lists seasonal, summer, and part-time jobs across a variety of industries like food, construction, and automotive.

There is a map feature to help you locate the job in your proximity and reach the company location.

The entire process for applying hourly jobs is quick but if you want to apply for salaried positions, you may find it a bit limited.

4) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a behemoth of platforms to connect professionals across the world, but it has also become a prominent tool to find jobs, connect to recruiters directly, and build an online portfolio.

The LinkedIn app is like an extension of its desktop version. All you have to do is optimize yourLinkedIn profile and it becomes your electronic resume.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and has all the functions present in the comprehensive desktop version.

Unlike other platforms, you will need to invest your time to build your profile and make connections to make yourself marketable on LinkedIn

Also, according to the platform, candidates who apply for a job on the first day are more likely to get hired. So the competition is fierce but the reward is equally satisfying.

5) Switch

If you fancy the idea of finding love swiping right and left on a dating app, Switch will be your favourite app to find a desired job.

You can swipe right to the jobs you are interested in. The recruiters will swipe you right if they think you will be a good fit. You can directly chat with the recruiters using the messaging feature.

The app is compatible with Android, iPad, and iPhone.


Procrastination won’t cut it anymore; you have these amazing apps at your disposal to mobilize your job-search in 2020. So buckle up, and make the most of these job searching apps while you sit comfortably on your couch, on your bed, or on your way to a travel destination!


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