Best Android Games to Start Off 2020

2020 is here, and we know you’ve made a long list of new year resolutions. You must have planned entire days, weeks, and maybe even months ahead. And if you’ve planned right, you would have included some planned breaks in there too.

“Work hard, play hard” is a popular phrase because it matters how much fun you’re having during your breaks, that is if your breaks are of high quality. And what better way to have more fun than playing the top mobile games that came out in 2019. The list doesn’t include obvious games you already have on your phone like PUBG Mobile, cricket betting apps, and Candy Crush. We’re going for games that are truly original and enjoyable.

 Call of Duty: Mobile

 Call of Duty: Mobile was undoubtedly one of the biggest and most anticipated game launches of 2019. The game features two modes: a team deathmatch and a Battle Royale. However, CoD did more than jump on the Battle Royale bandwagon. It brought the essential fast-paced action that makes it’s PC version to fun to play in the first place.

Released by Activision in partnership with TiMi Studios (a subsidiary of Tencent Games), the game really nailed the multiplayer maps everyone has come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise. One can really appreciate the involvement of Tencent in the great user-interface design and impeccable performance they’ve mastered with games like PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile is free to play and is available on the Play Store.

Stardew Valley

 A farming simulator on the list of best android games to start off 2020? Yes, because Stardew Valley has more than justified its place. It’s a farming simulator built on top of a robust 16-bit open-ended RPG that lets the player farm as much as they want while developing their character.

You’re thrown in a fictional town called Pelican Town where you’ve decided to take over your grandfather’s simple family farm. Players get all the freedom and options to mould the game to their liking in the best way possible. You can focus on growing your farm or go on to explore so much more scattered throughout the game’s rich world.


 Oddmar is easily the most well-crafted indie platformers I’ve played in 2019. The game beautifully ties in a compelling story with its core gameplay. It grabbed a hold of the player right from its beautiful opening sequence and guides them smoothly through its gorgeous animated levels that showed surprisingly high attention to detail.

You play as Oddmar, who has failed to live up to his warrior ancestor. The game starts with you getting granted special powers by a magical fairy and an opportunity to redeem yourself through a long and dangerous journey. The game has intuitive controls — left side of the screen for horizontal movement and right side dedicating to jumping, attacking, dash attacks, and ground-pounding — and looks and feels absolutely great. Oddmar is available on the Play Store and the first few levels are free-to-play.


 Remember those destroy-blocks-with-balls and the most famous game of all time, Tetris? As if these two weren’t fun, and hard, enough, Hole Down combines both of them into a single puzzle game. Creating this mix naturally brings in an element of strategy and makes the game even more fun than expected by the player.

One reason why Holedown is a standout game in 2018 is it doesn’t try to sell you on power-ups, extra lives, and the myriad of other things. All you have to do is bounce a given number of balls against a structure of blocks to eliminate them. Each block takes a set number of bounces to break but destroying the base will take everything attached to it. Where it gets really tricky is when the entire level of blocks moves up one row after every shot.

Chameleon Run

 Pfff, auto-runner games are obsolete. At least, that’s what we thought too until we played Chameleon Run. The game breathes fresh air into the genre with its unique features like jump skills, the ability to change colour, the rule of being able to touch only those colours that match your character’s.

Controlling the character is simple, with simple two-touch controls, but you can make your gameplay thrilling by switching colours just when you touch the platform. The controls for jumping are equally precise and the level design is exceptional. Each level is non-linear, meaning you can choose from several paths to reach the finish and has three objectives that make the individual levels all the more fun.

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