5 Reasons to Buy a Car GPS in the Age of Smartphones

Smartphones have undoubtedly become game changers in many spheres of modern life. The pocket-sized piece of technology has taken over the roles of camera, music player, and video games, to mention a few. It is also true that the smartphone has somehow replaced the GPS navigation unit.

You can attest to the fact that travelling has become easier nowadays because you only need to have a GPS unit to be able to drive to places you have never been to. For a reliable and user-friendly navigation system, you cannot go wrong buying EyeRide AVL – vehicle location system, a great tool that will enhance your customer service by keeping the passengers updated on their location while on board your vehicles. Also, the passengers will be able to tell how far they are from their destination or the next stop.

So, with the many benefits that a smartphone has as a navigation tool—incorporated traffic alerts, free apps, automatic and continuous map updates—why would it make sense to consider a standalone GPS unit? Read on for some reasons as to why you still need an independent GPS unit for your automobile.

Multitasking challenges

As you use your smartphone for GPS, you might receive a call, which would interfere with your navigation by reducing what you can do or pausing the navigation while on call. Although you can open the mapping app while on the call, it may not be safe to do so while driving due to the distraction it poses. In some cases, you may opt to let the call go unanswered, which is not the case with a GPS unit.


Running GPS apps on your smartphone consumes tons of battery power, which may cause your phone to die before the end of the trip. Although using a smartphone for GPS is convenient, as you can even take it with you in your pocket while on foot, the draining of battery power is a big headache. Of course, this can be solved by having a charger in your car, but it is still a pain. A standalone car GPS unit is connected to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port for power supply and thus has continued power supply. Also, the good ones have a long-lasting battery, so they can be used for a long time without charging, in case there is no port.

Better display screen and mountable

While smartphone screens are becoming bigger, a GPS unit still has a bigger screen, which is easy to glance at as you drive. The units also come with a fitted windshield or dashboard mount, or both. On the other hand, you have to buy an excellent mounting kit to safely prop up a phone.

Servicing issues

Sometimes you may have to part with your phone, even if for a short period of time, to have it repaired, and you would have no navigation tool or communication gadget. You may also, at times, have the smartphone stolen or misplaced, which would leave you puzzled.


A navigation GPS unit has maps saved in its memory, so in the case of a cellular network outage, you can still rely on it. This is not the same as a phone, which would be rendered useless as a GPS tool in case its cellular service provider’s network is unavailable.

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