Android Apps That Can Help Boost Your Site’s Traffic

Search Engine Optimization is the REAL SONG and DREAM for all website owners and managers. You turn your eye to check the stats every other minute.

Did you know you can increase traffic on your website by a considerable margin with the Android applications? Sure! What happens when you cannot carry your desktop or laptop on long travel? You need the android apps on the most portable machine, your smartphone.

To say the least, you need a Search Engine Ranking Report Software to extend your eyes on the daily performance of your website; the daily ranking, track the performance of your competitors and allow your clientele base an opportunity to give feedback.

The following Android apps will drive real traffic to your site.

Website and SEO Toolbox

What more do you need than benchmarking the performance of your SEO against your rivals? To be on point, you need a tool that will give you a feed of your SEO.

Besides the ranking, Website and SEO toolbox will give recommendations of how to improve SEO in your site based on the developments on your previous work.

One of the areas that command the ranking of your site is backlink. A service you will use sufficiently through SEO toolbox. You should not fail to secure this app at all costs.

Viord SEO Tools

Viord is the saviour for website ratings; the app has 32 tools to manage your website. Really! Thirty-two? What more do you need? Here is the real magic!

With these tools, your website will be found easily through a mighty keyword that Viord SEO Tools generates with a click of a button.

Other than generating keywords, Viord Android App checks links and gives feedback, checking the compatibility of your website to mobile phones.

Once in a while use the tool to check the progress of your website.


Search Engine Ranking Page is a monitoring tool that gives a ranking on the URLs on your website. You will be able to tell the effectiveness of your content by checking the traffic it has attracted. In that case, this tool monitors the performance of the keyword use- keyword density.

Once you know the count of appearance in the pages market clicks, then you shall be in a position to strategize on how to improve that, of course using other Android apps upgrade or generate a powerful keyword, etc.

Google Analytics App

Google Analytic App has made the Management of the web much more comfortable. You can also easily track the performance of different areas of your website on a single window without much of a hassle.

Google Analytic allows you to share reports easily with your team. You can make your rating and analysis of the progress and the service you discharge through clients’ feedback.

Life made more comfortable with Google Analytics. The information is broken down into a convenient size that gives you a clear picture of all events in your web.

As a manager of the web, all you need is to give a quick response to all grey areas, and places that tend to threaten your market.

Simple Analytic Widget

Simple analytic Widget is the real home manager for your websites. On your home screen, you will see the count of visitors and pages viewed with full comparisons to previous visits and page views.

With this kind of information, it’s easy to detect the lapses on your blog or websites.

Install the simple analytic tool and connect it to the Google Analytics. You don’t have to log into the widget every time you get on because it logs into the Google Analytic account. After which select the website and metric.

Work made simple.

How do you get these apps?

Easy! Go to your Google play store and download them. Note that you will have to get some apps at a cost. Some are free, that’s news; however, you will be required to upgrade to get the complete juicy service from them. You cannot manage to ignore the premium products.

The exact definition of a working website is traffic, content management, and SEO ranking. To manage all this out of office, download the android applications, and you will do it from the comfort of your vicinity.

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