6 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Android Developer for Your Next Big App Idea

The importance of mobile app for businesses is a hot topic in the tech industry these days. Mobile apps have a lot of benefits to offer regardless of your niche. With one great idea, you can see tremendous growth in leads that are sure to convert. If you want to add an effective revenue channel while providing a whole new level of convenience to your customers, the mobile app is the way to go.

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They say one great idea is all you need, finding someone who can turn your idea into reality is more important. There are more than 8 million Android apps, and while an average person uses at least three apps in a day, not every app earns the same love and respect.

So, the important thing to understand is that your app is just as good as your development team. If you can find a person who can understand your idea and create an app just the way you imagined, you can leverage the infinite potential of this channel.

Unfortunately, many business owners and marketing experts lack the technical knowledge of android app development. They aren’t aware of the required skill sets or expertise and often fail to hire the right android developer.

So if you have a next big app idea, here are six questions that can help you determine if you have found the best man for the job.

Have You Created an App Similar to What We Need?

A person with two years of relevant experience may do a better job than someone with general experience. Other than the developer’s experience in Android app development, you should focus on their experience in serving your niche.

There are many advantages to choosing a developer with experience relevant to your business. First of all, they are aware of your goals and challenges. You won’t have to explain what you ultimately expect from the app. Secondly, if they have worked on the similar project, they will be able to complete the job in minimum time and without basic blunders. There will be no trial and error involved. In short, experienced web developers will follow good coding practices and there will be fewer bugs to deal with both before and after the launch.

What Does Your Mobile App Development Process Look Like?

Development may be considered a technical job but there are many ways to create an Android App. Like writers and artists, every developer has their own technique. Those who do not follow any proper methodology or best practices will be unable to give you a clear idea of how their process looks like. The chances are, they follow a haphazard strategy that will consume more time and resources.

It is best to go with Android developers who follow Bootstrap as coding standard and utilize Agile methodologies. Agile focuses on efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction at every stage of the development.

How Would You Test the App?

First impressions are important even in the app world. If your app goes live with a lot of bugs, your users might delete it right away. You need to ensure a perfect user experience every single time. It is only possible when the app is properly tested before it is available on the app store.

Ask the developer about their testing approach. Inquire if they rely on one pre-launch testing or do ensure testing throughout the process, starting from the early stages. Don’t proceed with a developer who fails to offer a satisfactory answer.

Will You Provide Documentation for the App?

Never underestimate the power of documentation. It is important to have your developer cover everything from the purpose to the usage. Not only does it help you and your users in understanding the functionality, it also helps if you ever have to hire another developer for updates and improvement. The developer should provide all the vital details including the technical aspects of the application. It is a good idea to ask for a sample documentation they have provided to another client. This will give you an idea of how well your developer can document the important aspects of the app they develop.

Will You Maintain the App After Launch?

A lot of developers will quote you a low price and you would fall for their trap. It is only after the app goes live that they reveal that they won’t be responsible for any maintenance of update. Hiring another developer for the job can cost you more money.

Therefore, one of the first questions you need to ask is about the post-launch support. Choose a developer who agrees to work on updates, bugs, and new features whenever the need arises. Make sure the cost of those updates is pre-decided. Some developers can also charge a monthly maintenance fee for continuous support.

Who Owns The App Code?

It is important to make sure you know your code ownership rights. Sometimes, developers will give you the right to the complete code. However, sometimes developers may maintain the ownership of the intermediate code. There is no harm in letting the developer own the intermediate code as long as you are certain it won’t be used against your business.

Bonus Tip: Keep in mind that developers aren’t the only ones involved in the process. App development requires a team of people including designers. Be sure to ask your developer about the team they want to bring onboard. It is better to work with a developer with an in-house team and not remotely located freelancers.


The better you know your Android developer before kick-starting your first project, the more you can expect from your Android app. Ask the right questions before you trust anyone with your next big app.

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Megan Dennis is a passionate tech blogger at Appiskey, a Florida based Mobile App Development Company specializes in iOS and Android game development. She is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in his spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. He also writes technical articles. Follow @megandennis07 for more updates.

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