Microsoft News App Now Available on Android

Microsoft just redesigned its news app and made it available on Android. So, shall we rejoice? The thing about news apps is that they’re basically curated news. What does that mean? Well, the news app from Microsoft will use both people and AI (artificial intelligence, as opposed to natural stupidity) to select what news are to be delivered to its users.

The revamped Microsoft News app for Android also powers and Microsoft’s Edge browser’s built in news feed. What’s new? Well, according to the company, the news app will have a stronger local perspective, as it boasts editorial teams from fifty locations world-wide, not to mention the AI thingy. Also, the Microsoft News app for Android is more customizable than ever, thus allowing its users to personalize it according to their own specific needs and all that. An interesting feature is that you can now view news stories based on your current location, together with configurable breaking news alerts.

Unlike Google News, Microsoft News comes with a cool dark-mode and a well thought “continuous reading” feature, that permits you to scroll into the next news-article. Microsoft now partners with over 3,000 global news brands and more than 1,000 publishers for its human/AI powered news app. The app works something like this: Microsoft’s partners deliver more than 100,000 unique news pieces every day; the AI “component” scans this huge content-pool, trying to determine how potentially popular a piece of news is, and also how “fresh”. Then, the content is categorized depending on the topic and if it’s a “news” or an “opinion” piece. In the next step, after Hall 9000 AI had done its job, the story is passed further to the human-editors, who curate/choose the top stories to be delivered to the readers throughout the day. There are more than 800 human-editors for curating Microsoft’s news app, working from fifty locations from all around the world. And yes, you can get it by clicking here.

My question is this: is Microsoft curation of news any better than Google’s curation of news, or Facebook’s curation of news, or…

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