Android Apps That You Need On Your Device

There is no denying that technology is currently king. Just look at what technology has done for the gambling and smartphones industry. What an Android device and a Wi-Fi hotspot, gamblers can just about connect from anywhere in the world and place bets, check scores, or check the designated list. Heck, technology hasn’t just made gamblers life’s easier, but it has made the average person’s life easier. Text messaging, up to date e-mail viewing, and Internet access. All of these technologies can make your life more bearable. That being said, there is certainly no shortage when it comes to Android apps, but which ones are really worth downloading? After all, your phone can only hold so many and you want to make sure you have the very best of the best.


Whether you are heading to the beach or a whole day at work it pays to know the weather. Inclement weather not only has the ability to completely derail your day, but it could end up changing it altogether. There are just some things you can’t do in the rain, sleet, and snow, while there are some things that can only be done in the rain, sleet, and snow. Whatever you have planned for the day, it pays to know and understand the weather. This is exactly where the 1Weather Android app can help out.

This app is probably the best and most accurate weather app out there. Not only does it show you the current weather conditions, but it gives you a forecast for up to 12 weeks, along with a variety of other unique and helpful features. And, this is not to even mention all the customizable widgets and severe weather notifications. Along with this, the design is overall so simple that even the newest of Android users could master this app after a few uses.


With more and more people browsing, shopping, and spending more time online it is now more important than ever to be vigilant. Just about everyone has heard some kind of horror story about people getting their personal information or identity stolen online. You might even be shocked to learn that most of these stories are on the true side. As technology and Internet sophistication increases so do the techniques and sophistication of hackers.

Hackers and scammers are coming up with more and more creative and unique ways to worm their way into people’s lives. The Bouncer app can help out with this, as it allows you to grant temporary permission to certain applications. Imagine just letting Facebook access your location long enough to check into a hotel. Once you are all squared away the Bouncer app will go ahead and disable all permissions once you leave Facebook. This can come in extremely handy for anyone looking to take full advantage of social media without messing with your rearranging and disorganizing your settings.

Gambling Apps

Earlier this article talked about online gambling. There is no denying that this industry is currently at an all-time high. And, a lot of this success can be contributed to gambling apps. These apps enable players to place bets, check scores, and watch live streams from their Android devices. As long as you can get a Wi-Fi connection, you can get access to your league scores and stats. That being said, choosing the safest and most secure gambling apps can be quite the chore, but sites like free pokies can help narrow your options.

Google Drive

What good is an Android device if it doesn’t have enough space? It’s not like you can just run out and upgrade your memory. Unfortunately, with Android devices, you must buy a new phone when you want to upgrade memory. At least that is the solution if you haven’t discovered Google Drive. Google Drive is an amazing app that acts as a cloud storage solution for Android devices. All new initial users that signup will be granted 15 gigs of free memory. Of course, there is always more available for those gluttons out there.

This isn’t even the part that makes Google Drive so special. Google Drive is so special because it comes with a whole suite of Android apps attached to it like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and even Google Keep.

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