Android Tops The List For Best Gaming Phones: Here’s The List

Android games have evolved from the quick and casual titles to more competitive and graphics demanding games that will push your smartphone to the brink of its performance. Manufacturers have understood the massive potential of this market and have rolled out their own mean machines to provide consumers with the best gaming experience that they can dream of. Let us look at these gaming beasts which will take your PUBG experience to an entirely new level.

Razer Phone 2 – For the Gaming fanboys

With a vapour chamber cooling system, Dolby Atmos Speakers and a bright display, Razer Phone 2 sets the bar for premium gaming phones even higher than what the original Razor Phone did. With a redesigned dual-camera set-up with Sony IMX sensors, IP67 water resistance, and front-firing speakers, this Android gaming phone packs in a truckload of features that you desperately want in your gaming phone. Regarding gaming, the phone packs in a 5.72-inch IGZO LCD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate. Inside, you have  8GB RAM and a Snapdragon 845 for seamless gaming performance. Along with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, the mobile supports Qi wireless fast-charging for longer gaming sessions.

One Plus 6T – Mid ranger Flagship performance

The OnePlus 6T is a great smartphone if you want a good gaming phone without compromising too much on the price factor. The Snapdragon 845 chipset makes sure that the mobile can be a performance beast whenever the right time comes. With a big 6.41-inch 1080 x 2340 OLED display and a decent 3,700mAh battery, it can satisfy your basic gaming cravings such as Online Roulette from time to time. Packing in an impressive camera and on-screen fingerprint scanner, this Android is the best choice for people who want flagship performance from mid-range smartphones. You can also consider the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, which packs in an impressive 10GB RAM and a better fast charging technology.

Asus Rog Phone – Craziest

If you are a looking for a crazy high-end gaming smartphone, then check out the Asus Rog Phone. With an unbeatable combination of specs, Asus has managed to bring in the ROG branding from its premium gaming laptops to the smartphone segment, designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts. For smooth gaming experience, a 6-inch screen running at 90Hz refresh rate has been packed in the case. With 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 845 processor, dedicated X Mode, and ultra-responsive AirTrigger sensors, this is one of the best Android gaming smartphones to have been ever built. This phone is made for gamers.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Allrounder

Probably one of the best smartphones around with an impressive spec sheet, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one contender that the other companies need to look out for. This ‘everything on one’smartphone from Samsung packs in a 6.4-inch edge-to-edge screen and introduces the new ‘punch-hole’ design to house the front-facing cameras inside the screen. With Super AMOLED displays with support for high dynamic range and 93.1% screen-to-body ratio, expect an out of the world gaming experience on this phone. Besides this Android supports Samsung’s new Wireless PowerShare feature and houses a massive 4,100mAh battery for those long Fortnite and PUBG sessions.

Xiaomi Black Shark – Cheapest

Unlike the Razer Phone or Asus ROG Phone, the Xiaomi Black Shark doesn’t have a high refresh rate screen. Despite this, it is one of the cheapest gaming phones that you can afford right now! Featuring a Snapdragon 845  Octa-core, 4000 mAh battery and Adreno 630, this Android will surely demolish any contender in its price bracket. What’s more, you can add on a game controller with the boot of the phone giving you extra controls to spend your time with.

Huawei P30 Pro – Gaming phone with the best camera

Before indulging in the awesome gaming specs of the phone, let’s talk about the quadruple camera system first. A true flagship phone from every department, the Huawei P30 Pro” rewrites the rules of photography” with 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and huge 50x digital zoom, along with powerful claims for low-light performance. The Android packs in a powerful Kirin 980 chipset, 8GB of RAM, a hefty 4,200mAh battery and an improved heat pipe and vapour cooling chamber for keeping the device cool while switching back and forth between applications. Expect smooth performance without lags from resource demanding games like Fortnite, Real Racing 3, and PUBG.

Top Gaming Mobiles of 2019 3Dmark Slingshot Extreme Android Benchmark Score
Razer Phone 2 3843
Asus Rog Phone 4067
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5,648
Xiaomi Black Shark 4646
Huawei P30 Pro 3942
One Plus 6T 5,183
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