BetOnline Sports Betting App Review for Android

Knowing that almost one-third of all the people on the planet are Android users, it’s clear why many sportsbooks have decided to develop their own Android sites and apps. Nowadays, a sportsbook without a dedicated Android app, or at least a mobile version that works on Android devices simply will not be taken seriously.

And BetOnline is definitely as serious as they come. But is its Android version good enough for you? Let’s find out!

BetOnline Android App in a Nutshell

First of all, let’s make one thing clear, this is not a mobile app per se. It’s actually a browser-based version of the sportsbook, tailored to the needs and requirements of mobile users. So, what’s better – mobile app or mobile website? There’s no ultimate answer to this question. It all depends on how good a job the developers have done. And in the case of BetOnline Android site, they’ve done really impressive work.

Because this is an in-browser platform, you don’t have to download anything to your smartphone. This means that even if your phone’s SD card is full, you will still be able to use BetOnline. Another plus is that there’s no wasting time on installation when these platforms are concerned. You get to bet right away. Just go to the mobile version of the sportsbook and start placing bets!

If you’ve ever been to the desktop website of BetOnline sportsbook, you’re not in for a big surprise. The mobile version looks pretty similar like its desktop cousin. And this is actually a really good thing in our opinion. Because the two are similar, you won’t get confused if you switch between devices.

Another reason why it’s good that the mobile site is designed to be a lookalike of the desktop version is that both of them are pretty easy on the eye. There’s nothing flashy there to distract you; the color pallet of the app is made of only a few colors, with red and white being the ones that dominate.

Enough with the looks, let’s talk about the soul of the app. Not only is it beautiful, but the mobile version is also very smart. Everything is arranged in a way that makes the users feel perfectly comfortable looking at the betting offer on their small smartphone/tablet screens.

What’s So Good About BetOnline Android Sportsbook?

It seems that players simply adore this app. Just take a look at any user review and you’ll see what we’re talking about. But it’s not only casual users who like it; BetOnline Android version is loved by pros as well. As you can see for yourself from the BetOnline sports betting review by, the app is awesome from the technical point of view as well.

The thing about this platform is that it’s super-fast, regardless of what kind of Android device you’re using to access it. In fact, the only factor that can slow it down is your internet speed. Speaking of speed, we mustn’t forget to mention that it’s pretty fast when it comes to money transactions, the same as its desktop counterpart.

You can use a variety of different banking methods both when deposits and payouts are concerned. We’re talking not only about traditional banking options like credit/debit cards and e-wallets, but cryptocurrencies as well. BetOnline is one of not too many sportsbooks that use Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin for deposits and withdrawals.

So, it’s fast and very user-friendly – those are the things we’ve established so far. But, what about its betting offer? Well, that’s another major advantage of the Android version of the sportsbook. The game selection in all versions of the site is identical.

Whatever you find on the desktop site, you will find it on the mobile site as well. This includes a wide range of different markets in sports popular in America, e.g. American Football, baseball, and basketball. It’s a similar case when it comes to the sports popular in other parts of the globe, e.g. soccer, rugby, and so on.

We’re not yet done with talking about the positives of this platform. Another big thing that makes this mobile website superior to many sports betting apps is that it comes with all the typical offerings that you’ll find in a full casino suite, such as a racebook, poker room, virtual casino, and a live-dealer casino. Basically, it has everything to satisfy your gaming needs and wishes

What’s Not So Good About BetOnline Android Sportsbook?

There isn’t any special bonus meant for those players who use Android to access BetOnline. Sure, there is the 50% sign up bonus, but you get that one regardless of what kind of device you’re using to create an account. It would’ve been really awesome if this sportsbook had some additional incentives to attract mobile users to their mobile site.

On the bright side, there are some bonuses they can use. Bonuses like 100% First-Time Crypto Bonus and 35% Crypto Reload Bonus are at everyone’s disposal, no matter whether they’re using desktop or mobile version of the site.

And that’s about it, we have no other complaints about the Android version of BetOnline site. If BetOnline is your sportsbook of choice, there really is no reason to use it on your desktop only. Its Android version is equally good.

But, if you’re not sure whether to give BetOnline a shot at all, there are some things we have to tell you. First of all, this sportsbook/casino has been online since 2004. You won’t be able to find too many other gambling sites with such as long tradition. The mere fact that it’s been around for over 15 years shows that BetOnline has been doing a fine job. Otherwise, the sportsbook wouldn’t stay in this business for so long.

Regardless of which device you’re using to access BetOnline, you have nothing to worry about being scammed. Apart from being safe and secure, the sportsbook is also very user-friendly both in its mobile and its desktop incarnation. And finally, the sportsbook always has a large offer of games, with all sorts of markets, and some pretty attractive odds. What more can you ask?

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