Best Free Apps For iPhone

There are countless numbers of apps that are available for all IOS users. Some are old and some are new. Just like usa casino slot games. There are old ones and new ones that are released from time to time. We are going to provide you with some of the best free apps for iPhone users.

Google Earth

Do you need access to the world at large? Then you have to download google earth. These apps give iPhone users access to the whole planet. You can explore all you need. You have the opportunity to search for any location of your choice, you can visit anywhere randomly. You can zoom, rotate and all. Wherever you end up in you get photographs and information about that certain area. You want a virtual tour, then google earth is the best app.


It is important to have a guide wherever you visit a new place. Although there are many apps that provide information, most app guides just put the focus on large towns and cities. Triposo has all the information even in small towns and villages. Wherever you want to go this app will guide you with all the information. You will get it all from restaurants, hotels to attractions. Moreover, it is simple to use and have an offline option so when you are exploring new places and you have no data. You make use of the offline option.

Round Health

This app is proof that phones are not just for communicating and playing online casino games at for real money. It also helps you health-wise. This app offers great pill tracking as well as dosage notification services. The app is split into two sections. The one section is my medicine. In this section, you add all your medications and define the name, strength and dosage. You can also set your schedules and you can always log in the information for the day and you get reminders.

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