Google, Facebook and Twitter are “Snooping” Through Your Private Emails Test Finds


According to a confidentiality test result performed by High Tech Bridge, big corporations like Google, Facebook or Twitter failed to understand that Internet users are not very happy with their private emails being intercepted and scanned.

High Tech Bridge is a cyber security company based in Switzerland and decided to test the confidentiality for 50 of the biggest names in the IT world. From those 50, 6 failed the test, among these, guess who?


This experiment was caused by the recent revelations, courtesy of the world famous whistle blower, Edward Snowden, who proved that the US government just doesn’t have/doesn’t care about the notion of privacy and keeps snooping on our internet traffic and phone calls.

Hence, High Tech Bridge’s team of cyber-geeks decided to verify how 50 of the biggest IT companies are treating their users privacy. The test consisted in sending an unique web address in an email or a private message, using their systems. The whole operation lasted for ten days and in this time frame, the experts monitored which one of those 50 companies clicked on their “secret” website link, contained in the emails or private messages.

Surprise surprise, six of them failed the test miserably and among these were Facebook, Google, Twitter and a forum, Formspring.

According to the Geneva based company’s chief executive Ilia Kolochenko, let me quote :

‘We found they were clicking on links that should  be known only to the sender and recipient.

‘If the links are being opened, we cannot be sure that the contents of messages are not also being read.

‘All the social network sites would like to know as much as possible about our hobbies and shopping habits because the information has a commercial value.

‘The fact that only a few companies were trapped does not mean others are not monitoring their customers. They may simply be using different techniques which are more difficult to detect.’


This is not the first time when big IT corporations are caught red-handed when it comes to privacy. Last year, Microsoft was accused of spying on its customers via its online chat service Skype, this time by a German security company.

Facebook and Twitter refused to comment on the “snooping” issue but they admitted to have complex automated systems which are used to protect us, (of course, spying is  for our own good, always) from hacking and phishing attacks, thank God for that!

A person from Google said plain and simple that the problem doesn’t exist inside the company, it’s not even an issue, it’s business as usual.

One must keep in mind that all these companies are providing you with free of charge services(most of the time anyway) but when you’re using them, they will collect all your private, personal information which is later sold to governments or for commercial interest. This is happening for years now, so be aware.

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