Have You Ever Heard About the Samsung Galaxy Folder?

samsung galaxy folder


Well, how about a Samsung Galaxy Folder, running on Android and benefiting from the coolest form-factor in the world? I can’t remember when I bought my last clamshell phone, I guess it was a Motorola V 635, right after a Motorola RAZR, that cool looking, aluminum made clamshell, the sexiest phone I ever owned.

Nowadays, all smartphones look alike, actually they look like frying pans, they’re all the same, inside-out. Really, except the branding, they’re basically the same design : a rectangular eye of Sauron (and I’m not kidding, the phone looks back at you, if you don’t believe me, ask the NSA people), increasingly huge, hard to carry around and very uncomfortable to use as a phone. Because, after all, a smartphone should be easy to use as a phone, it’s the primary function of the device, at least for me.

Anyway, clamshells offer the best form factor in my humble opinion: they are smaller, compact, easy to carry, they are very cool to snap when you’re ending a convo, what can I say, I love clamshells. And apparently, Samsung knows that I love them, so they decided to build one, just for me.

Enters Samsung Galaxy Folder (codenamed SHV-E400K) , a dual-display smartphone, the first clamshell smartphone in the world (maybe) running on Android OS and featuring a Snapdragon 400 system on chip, 2 GB of RAM and a 3.67 inches wide display (the main one).

samsung galaxy folder

The primary display will be an AMOLED unit with 800×640 resolution ; the secondary is still a mystery, but apparently will be used as a replacement for the old school physical keyboard, so it may be a touchscreen of some sort. Basically, looking at the tech specs, the Samsung Galaxy Folder will be very similar to a Galaxy S3, which is cool enough for me to buy it, depending on the pricing of course.

Samsung kept very quiet about the Galaxy Folder, there’s no official info about it as I’m writing this, the references about the Samsung Galaxy Folder were  actually found in a Samsung manual, so I have no clue about the where and when it will be launched, if ever.

To be honest, I’m not sure Samsung will actually build this clamshell smartphone, but I think it would be a great idea, don’t you think?


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