How 5G will Impact the Future of Smartphone Gaming

With mobile gaming advancing and the transition of 5G technology on its way, the technologies will converge and lead to many new features. It’s quite fascinating to think that in just 1997 the first successful mobile phone game premiered. Snake was implemented on mobile phones and everything changed. A lot has continued to change since then.

Not only are we courting virtual and augmented reality gaming, the fifth generation mobile network will facilitate these and other technologies. Since the advent of Snake, the industry has skyrocketed. In 2018, Fortnite made $100 million a day.

5G is set to add trillions of dollars to the global economy and lead to some pretty impressive leaps forward in technology. The gaming industry is no different. In fact, they are often one of the leaders of technologies like VR and augmented reality. To understand where we are going, it is also necessary to understand the rise of gaming and the transition into popular smartphone gaming.

The Past

Since 1997 and the inclusion of Snake on the Nokia 6110, the infrastructure for mobile gaming was rolled out quickly and successfully. With the establishment of Wireless Internet Protocol (Wi-Fi) the industry has taken a large leap forward. In a lot of ways, mobile gaming went from zero to 100 in a short amount of time.

The Present

In recent years the gaming industry, and specifically the mobile gaming industry, has blown up. For one, smartphones crossed the benchmark of 50 percent of citizens’ use in 2012. According to the experts at MoneyPug, a site used to find mobile phone deals, this is when we began to get the most reliable data reports about the activity of app stores. It became clear that game publishers would be some of the most successful innovators in these stores. Since 2012, mobile gaming has become commonplace and made the industry blossom. Mobile gaming revenue finally surpassed both consoles and PCs in 2016. All of this happened within 20 years.

The Future

By far the biggest advance, however, will be when we fully transition into 5G. The infrastructure will change not just the technology, but consumer behavior thanks to its exponentially faster speed and lower latency. It will likely be from 10 to 100 speed increase in speed from 4G. We’ll have access to mobile gaming where it wasn’tt possible before.

5G advancements will push the next wave of innovations in mobile technology, especially within gaming. It will result in much faster downloads and upload speeds. Larger files and therefore large-file games could be downloaded almost instantly. You will download additional content when first launching the game. Players will get their content and will be able to play immediately.

Not only will games be faster, with less lag, mobile gaming will change in more fundamental ways. VR and augmented reality will soon be easier to access and utilize. Gaming will become more interactive and immersive. Right now multiplayer networks are nearly impossible with 4G, but they won’t be a problem with the fifth generation mobile network. Instead we will be able to compete with people from across the world on our phones. Being delayed in a game may just become a thing of the past. The ability to handle simultaneous connections is going provide more complex and specialized experiences. Fortnite, for example, currently allows 100 sessions, but that number will be much larger with 5G technology.

Monetizing gaming will also change and ads will change with it. Video ads should evolve with consumer expectations. 5G is set to deliver more speed than ever, and marketing should become more engaging and interacting. Ads win native smartphone resolution will be available in 60 frames per second.

Gaming won’t be the only thing to change when 5G comes around. Analysts are estimating that trillions of dollars will be produced in the global economy. Our cities will be better connected. With the new technologies that become a reality, our whole lives will change. VR, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence will all be enhanced and improved. Fundamental aspects of gaming will change and games today will seem more and more obsolete, but is truly just the beginning of our societies will evolve. As time moves forward, gaming continues to change into something even gamers never expected it would become.

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