How to Download Music for Free

Nowadays, it has become increasingly difficult to download favorite music from favorite artists unless money is paid, which brings great disappointment to music lovers. After trying a lot of free online websites or even paid music download software, things didn’t seem to look up. If only music download could be as easy and convenient as before? As a matter of fact, you can still download music for free as long as you have chosen a right music downloader.

Which music downloader can be powerful enough to help you download music from more than 1000 websites without one cent charged? The answer is DVDFab YouTube to MP3. This exceptional YouTube MP3 converter allows you to wander in the world of music and extract any audio you like from a video on popular or less popular websites. Now, let’s see how DVDFab YouTube to MP3 works.

Step1: Download and Install DVDFab YouTube to MP3

To have a full picture of how this free software works, you need to download and install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 first. This process only takes you three clicks and no extra applications will be followed. Besides music, if you also want to download videos featuring Baby Shark video from online sites, DVDFab Video Downloader is of great help.

Step 2: Explore How DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Works

Locate Targeted Music First: After starting DVDFab YouTube to MP3, use the Search Bar or Built-in Browsers to locate your targeted music. There are more than 1000 websites featuring YouTube, Facebook this YouTube MP3 converter supports. Find your preferred one according to the initial letter of the website name.

Click “Download” Button Second: No matter which website you capitalize on to search your favorite music, there will be a “Download” button appearing on the video screen. Considering  YouTube is one of the most frequently visited websites, here we take YouTube as an example to find your music. Several seconds after your song is playing in DVDFab YouTube to MP3, three buttons will come to your sight, including “Add to”, “Play” and “Download”. For music from other websites rather than YouTube, there is only the “Download” button left.

Click “Download” > “Audio Only” > Audio Resolution before the downloading process starts. There are three kinds of audio resolution provided, namely, Standard Quality – 128 kbps, High Quality – 192 kbps and Super Quality – 320kbps. The higher audio resolution you choose, the more space the downloaded file will take up. For those who want to save space for more audios,  the standard quality is highly recommended. For those who are keen on better music quality, the super quality is your first choice.

Accelerate Download Speed Third: When the downloading process starts, you will find there is a dynamic arrow behind the “Downloads” option in the left navigational column. At this moment, click “Downloads” > “Downloading”, and you will see the “Turbo-Speed” function. Enable this function and your music will be downloaded at top speed ten times faster than the normal speed. After DVDFab YouTube to MP3 finishes downloading your file, click “Music” on the top where your music is well prepared there.


This is the simplest way to download favorite music for free with the help of DVDFab YouTube to MP3. If you are also looking forward to saving or downloading a playlist, this versatile software also supports that. Why not try this expert to keep subscribed YouTube channels auto-updated? There is a belief that you will fall in love with this YouTube MP3 converter.

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