Influence of Mobile Apps on Different Industries

If you belong to the generation which remembers growing up without mobile phones, you can vouch for how greatly the times have changed with this incredible invention, and even more so once mobile apps have joined the game. At first, the mobile phone was used just for making calls, and later for texting and playing games (remember the all-time favourite, the Snake?). Basically, its function was making contact. Nowadays, we can surely say that it has greatly surpassed the original purpose. There are few things you can’t do with your mobile. Just think about something mundane, such as calling a taxi, or buying the groceries. Today you’d rather use the app to order a ride, or to have the products delivered to your door.

With that in mind, let’s take a look how mobile apps have made their mark on different industries.


Both patients and doctors are grateful for the latest inventions. Thanks to mobile apps, it’s easy to set or cancel an appointment in a matter of minutes. You can easily see the available dates and choose the most suitable one, along with the doctor of your preference, while healthcare workers are fond of having their work schedule updated regularly. No more calling the receptionist, waiting to get through and so on. Indeed, mobile apps have proved to be extremely time-saving, and have even improved the whole doctor-patient relationship.

Online betting

When talking about accessibility, hardly is there an industry that has become closer to the consumer than online betting. Not only are you able to place your bet wherever you are (as long as there is a good internet connection), but you’re able to keep track of the results every single minute. Odds can change every second, and the mobile app is giving you an insight into the latest happenings in the betting world. On the one hand, it’s quite useful, but on the other, it can be quite nerve-wracking.


Digitalization has brought many benefits to the manufacturing industry. Time is money, and whoever works in this business knows that there is always a lack of it. Fortunately, mobile applications have proved extremely valuable in this area. Now it’s much easier to manage workers and supervise the production. Sending brief reports or important updates has done wonders for the communication and the revenue, too. The bar is raised when it comes to quality control, and the latest information is now so easy to obtain.


What a joy for all shopaholics! In the old days, you would need to sit in front of your computer and click on the objects of your desire. Now, the process is so simplified it really takes a lot of self-control not to order everything your mobile screen is showing you. You can swiftly make a purchase while commuting, or find out about some great bargains. Shopping via a mobile app is so tempting that it’s practically addictive.


While there are still some among us who prefer standing in line to pay their bills, more and more people are completing that inevitable task from the comfort of their home. What is more, it can be done after the bank’s business hours, while waiting for the commercials to end, for instance. Also, you can always check the state on your account.

Plus, if your business has its own mobile app, the chances are you’re on a good path to gain more customers.

Travel and tourism

As we have already mentioned, no one calls a cab any more. Actually, if you need a bus/train/plane ticket, you can book one online in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to wait till you get home to see the prices and if there are any available seats left. Booking tickets for the cinema or theatre is also a piece of cake, and you can see the desired spot instead of picturing the stage/screen, your row and seat in your mind.

In conclusion, mobile apps have made such a huge impact on our lives, but rarely do we dwell on that. Instead, people are more prone to take everything for granted. They have certainly made our lives easier in so many respects, and even more amazingly, we can’t even make a wild guess what the future holds.

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