Instagram Lite for Android Rolls on Google Play

I don’t know about you, but I had a big grin on my face at the news of Instagram Lite rolling on Google Play. I mean, every Facebook-made piece of software on my droid is in its “lite” version, for obvious reasons: I don’t like bloated software and I’m not the kind of guy constantly pecking at his smartphone, hence I don’t need every possible feature for my social media apps.

So, the good news is that now I can also use Instagram Lite on my drod, which means less clutter and a smaller package size. Insta-Lite arrives three years after Facebook Lite for Android was first introduced to the general public, followed by the Messenger Lite version in October of 2016. Instagram Lite was the next logical step, but it took Lord Zucc enough time to unlock his final achievement, that considering how big and powerful Facebook is. However, you know that saying: better late than never. What’s strange is that Facebook chose to launch their Instagram Lite app in total silence, i.e. there was no official announcement from the company. Insta-Lite just appeared today on  Google Play App Store , having just 573 kb, compared to the main app’s 32 MB.

The app allows you to do the basics, like watching Stories, posting/filtering pics on your feed or browse the Explore page. At least for the time being, you are not able to direct message friends nor to share videos, but I am sure these issues will be remedied quickly. Instagram Lite was created for low-tech users, i.e. people using older smartphones, with not enough storage space, or for those using slow internet connections or who can’t afford big 4G data packages and things of that nature. Even if there are some features missing compared to the regular/fully featured app, Instagram Lite provides a great user experience overall, and it comes especially handy for Android Go phones. The only downturn is that it’s not available in all countries for now, just in selected ones.

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