Online anonymity: Does it come with any benefits to the bloggers?

Anonymity is something that gives full freedom to writers and bloggers for coming up with their thoughts upon any subject. When searching what does anonymous blog mean, one can learn it as hiding real identity to post blogs online! It is one of the great ways of securing your real profile from the readers and coming out with controversial blogs confidently. One can avail of enormous benefits by writing an anonymous blog. It does give freedom to bloggers for posting things safely online.

Safety of confidential data

What’s your major concern when you use the internet service for surfing or transaction making purposes? It’s about the safety of confidential data from hackers and unauthorized users. If you fail in safeguarding your data from the hackers who keep an eagle eye upon the internet users, then it can be a big loss for you. Do you want to avoid facing such situations? Want to ensure that all your data remains safe from any unauthorized person accessing it? For this purpose, you need to understand what anonymous blogging it! In simple terms, it is about posting blogs anonymous with a fake identity to ensure that no one gets to know your real name. In such a way, you get protection against any internet culprits who are doing their best to steal away your data.

Secure identity

Why would a blogger need to secure his or her identity over the web? Many times, people do comment on things which can result in controversial acts. Often, one of the benefits that writers and narrators get to enjoy with anonymity is secure identity. What if someone uses your identity to make any false comments? Or what if a hacker steals away your identity to use your password? Can you hide everything you do over the web from the internet users? In present times, people are coming to the internet for different purposes. Also, it is inviting hackers to get an open platform to steal away the data of people using the web. Bloggers need to be careful about this concern. When you put a lock on your identity, the hackers will try to steal your password. But when you fake about your identity by using an anonymous profile, no one can catch you.

Speak up with power

If you want to disclose any illegal political activity or the negative secrets behind certain lawful policies, this thing needs to be done using an anonymous identity only. For instance, if a powerful identity is being accused of doing something wrong, then he or she will take their hell efforts to catch the person who revealed the world about them. If you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble, you need to be very careful about blogging. But then things change when you use an anonymous identity to post blogs. It can be a great way to speak up with power in your voice without worrying about anything. No one can catch your identity and hold you against any legal formalities.

No chances of repercussion

The most frequently asked question by bloggers is- how to get rid of any repercussions of posting content online? Many times, writers want some freedom to talk about certain things without thinking about any repercussions. But that freedom goes missing when using the pen name for posting blogs. If you want to do so, the best option is to publish the blog while going anonymous. No one gets to know who you are in reality and won’t even fight for any point of view. If you feel some social issue needs to be shared with the world, and then do it using your anonymous profile. It is the most secure way of avoiding any repercussions or defending comments from readers.

Become extrovert

With online anonymity, one gets the power to become extroverted and talk about anything confidently. Suppose, you’re worried about what readers will respond when you post a blog in a new genre from your field! If so, then you can go with anonymous blogging and post blogs in several genres to check whether readers like it or not. It may be one of the reasons why your blogging career is going down since you’re good at another genre, but you aren’t aware of it. There’s nothing bad if you try a new genre that can get you more likes and readers than the one you’re already indulged in.

No interference by the government

What you don’t know when using the internet service is that the government is keeping all your track records for it! Often, writers lack confidence in talking about any lawful conduct which is against humanity or people’s interest or any corrupted politician. In such a time, it is better to post the blog without thinking about anything using an anonymous identity. Even the government won’t have any of your records with them when you post the contents anonymously.

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