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PDF has been a widely used document format today. It does have many features and provides people the best way to keep their content, no matter text or image, with the best visual effect in one single file. However, there are still some times when people need to convert PDF files into other formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, image formats, etc. Others may also want to convert these documents into PDF. So are there any good PDF converter we can turn to for help? Well, I would like to share EasePDF with you.

EasePDF Online PDF Converter

To offer people the most convenient service, EasePDF launched all its functions online. So people don’t need to install apps, which will probably occupy some storage of the computer. This also makes EasePDF available on more systems and devices such as smartphones in the different operating systems, including iPhone, Android, Pixel, Huawei, and so on.

The basic features of EasePDF Online PDF Converter tools include:

  1. Different formats for free choose – EasePDF provides different formats for people to choose, including Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, RTF, HTML, JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF. You can easily convert the format between PDF and these provided ones.


  1. Fast converting speed – You will enjoy the fastest converting speed provided by EasePDF. Just within a minute, your uploaded files will be converted to the selected format quickly. You can convert more than one file at the same time, which greatly saves your time.


  1. The most secure system is ensured – EasePDF will make sure each file uploaded by users will not be leaked or reused again. The 256-bit SSL Encryption is enabled to keep your files private. Besides, the auto-deletion mode will remove your uploaded files out of the server after 24 hours.

How to Convert File with EasePDF Online PDF Converter

EasePDF also makes the converting process to be as simple as possible. The way to use these converters on EasePDF is the same. Here, I will take Word to PDF converter as an example to guide you on how to convert the file on EasePDF with only simple clicks.

Step 1. On EasePDF, you should go to Word to PDF converter. From the menu under the “All PDF Tools” section, you can find all the converters provided by EasePDF


Step 2. When you open the Word to PDF converter, you can press the “Add File(s)” button to add the files to EasePDF. More than one file can be added. You can also add from GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Using a URL is also okay.




Step 3. The moment all the files are uploaded well, EasePDF will then start to convert the Word files to PDF automatically. After that, a “Download” button will be provided to let you download the files (if you have converted more than one file, it will allow you to download a zip file containing all the converted files). Just press the “Download” button and you can download it offline.



EasePDF will be the best PDF converter for all people. Not only it provides the best service to convert the files, but also the security, performance, and multifunction attributions make itself the best choice for us. So why not have a try?

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