Psychologist Says Facial Recognition Software Can Detect Sexuality, Politics

There’s a Polish psychologist and data scientist out there in the wild, a guy named Michal Kosinski (born in Warsaw), who claims that AI (artificial intelligence, as opposed to natural stupidity) is already able (and willing) to tell about one’s politics and sexuality by using facial recognition software and all that jazz. This psychologist is a boyish looking 36 years old dude,and when he’s referring to sexuality, he means to say that AI can now tell if you’re gay or not, or whom do you fancy to vote in 2020, that kind of stuff, just by glancing at you via facial recognition software.

If it sounds outrageous to you, well, you may be right, it is outrageous, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, or at least that’s what I’ve been told by Siri, my AI butler and personal confidant. Kosinski is an assistant professor at Stanford University, specializing in organizational behavior, and his research inspired the creation of the now famous Cambridge Analytica, a well known political consultancy firm involved in all sorts of scandals with regard to the last election cycle and various internet privacy issues (read Facebook, social media etc). Kosinski also engaged in projects and groundbreaking research into AI, mass persuasion (read propaganda) and discovered that benign online activity on social media may reveal one’s intimate personality traits. He also published a paper that claims AI and face recognition software can work together in order to determine one’s sexuality, i.e. gay or straight, along with political inclinations (REP or DEM) and the predisposition to engage in certain criminal activity. Other research using Facebook data (likes and similar stuff) found that it would be possible to make pretty accurate predictions about one’s personality, better than the respective person’s real-life friends. This data may be used (according to the good professor) as an effective tool to digital mass persuasion, the politically correct term for propaganda.

Kosinski’s research is basically arguing for the prenatal hormone theory of sexual orientation, which is basically biological determinism, i.e. you’re born gay and Democrat, with a propensity to commit violent crimes against MAGA people. I am just kidding with this example, but that’s what this guy’s basically saying.


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