Rumor: Samsung Planning a Budget Version of its Upcoming Galaxy S10 Flagship

As the tweet reads, the Korean tech giant is set to provide its fan base with an “entry level” flagship in 2019. As the rumor mill has it, Samsung is working at three versions of their upcoming Galaxy S10: Beyond0, Beyond1 and Beyond2 respectively. The “affordable” $1000 droid (just kidding) aka Beyond0 is the cheapest of the bunch, and it’s aimed at complementing the Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, which are referred internally by Samsung as Beyond1 and Beyond2. Zero being zero, it would make for the “poor man’s S10”. At least that’s what the Korean publication The Bell claims.

However, we don’t know much about the upcoming affordable flagship, except from the fact it would differ from its richer kin via a side mounted fingerprint sensor, instead of using a state of the art in-display scanner, like the S10/S10 Plus. The in-display sensor technology in the future Samsung Galaxy flagships is sourced from Qualcomm, according to The Bell.

According to market analysts, Samsung’s decision to create a more affordable high-end smartphone missing some premium features would help the company  with keeping the costs down and expanding its market share. As per Q2 of 2018, Samsung’s earnings have decreased 2 percent, with Apple’s iPhone 8 dominating the sales in the high-end niche (as usual, we might add). Hence, Samsung is trying to reignite growth via various marketing gimmicks. For example, we know that the “highest-end” flagship, the Galaxy S10 Plus, would feature an exclusive  triple-lens camera, together with the fingerprint on display technology, also known as FOD.

It’s interesting to notice that Apple too is planning to launch 3 new iPhones in autumn, including a “lower-end” iPhone. Competition is a good thing, so stay tuned.

Via: 9to5Google

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