Rumor: Nokia 9 To Be Launched on August 21

According to a teaser via Nokia’s official mobile-Twitter account, the company’s upcoming flagship Nokia 9 may be launched as soon as August 21. This Tuesday, that is. I know, there’s a little click-bait in the article’s title, as we don’t actually know exactly what smartphone is to be unveiled two days from now, because Nokia did not elaborate on the tweet.

However, using simple logic,we can theorize it’s going to be Nokia 9 (2018). Why? Well, to begin with, the upcoming (and already announced) flagship from HMD Global/Nokia is going to compete with the best in the business, which means arguably Samsung Galaxy S9. Also, the teaser image in the tweet depicts the silhouette of a rather large smartphone, and, amusingly enough, the title is written using poor grammar, but that’s not the point.

What we do know is that HMD has a flagship device in the works, which was rumored to be released in September. The respective smartphone is the Nokia 9. Yes, I know, August 21 comes before September, thank you very much. But still, I can’t think of anything else but Nokia 9. Maybe because I am a fanboy, and the 9 is rumored to run on the latest QSD 845 and comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner. So, my bet is on the Nokia 9 being revealed 2 days from now.

If Nokia can produce a smartphone with the hardware and camera output comparable to the likes of P20 Pro and S9+, then Samsung and Huawei are dead in the water. No one can touch Nokia when it comes to build quality and longevity; plus, nowadays they’re doing great with software updates. In other news, Nokia and Verizon just completed the industry’s first 5G call from a moving vehicle. These guys are on the up and up. The experiment was conducted using Verizon’s 28GHz spectrum and 2 5G NR radio stations mounted on a Nokia building, and the voice-call to a moving vehicle was successfully completed with zero interruptions.

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