Stop Stress with Your Smartphone: Android Apps That Can Calm Your Nerves

The pace of modern life seems to be making more of us feel stressed and if you count yourself among that number, you might want to use your phone for a more positive reason when you feel your blood pressure rising, by turning to some apps that are designed to calm you down.

Here is a look at some apps that are aimed at relaxing and calming you down quickly, including a comprehensive meditation guide, a coloring activity that promotes mindfulness, plus some other suggested apps to help promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Keep calm with meditation

You are most likely aware of the potential mental health benefits attached to meditation but you also wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t know where to start when it comes to learning the right techniques for relaxing your mind.

A good bonus app that could set you on the right path to that particular form of enlightenment would be Calm.

One of the reasons why this app is popular is that it teaches you the skill of meditation right through from beginner level right up to more advanced techniques. This means that you can progress as you learn and hopefully benefit along the way from the power of meditation.

A good mindfulness activity

There is a greater awareness these days of how practicing mindfulness can improve your mental health and help you to combat stress, and one of the suggested activities to help you achieve that aim is adult coloring books.

Download the Coloring Book for Me and Mandala app and you will be able to clear your mind and bring down your stress when you occupy your time coloring in one of the many designs that you can choose from.

Become a fishzen master

If you are wondering how you might do that the answer is to download the Zen Koi app and learn how to breed and raise Koi in a virtual world.

This game comes with soothing music and some calming water sound effects that should help to get you relaxed, and it is rewarding to see your Koi grow in size and beauty as you nurture them.

Rest and digest

Your brain actually has a rest and digest response that puts you in a calmer zone and helps to reduce stress levels in the process and Pause is an app that works on triggering that response within you.

If you are experiencing negative emotions or feeling anxious this minimalist app sets to work and uses some basic principles from cognitive science to encourage a greater sense of calm and focus just on the present moment.

Noticeably happier

If you want to experience more positive emotions it seems that Happify is an app that might help you towards that goal.

The feedback from regular users of Happify suggests that completing some regular activities in the form of exercises, games and short quizzes within the app should create a greater percentage of positive emotions.

If you are feeling stressed put your phone on busy and open up some apps that will help you to counteract any negative emotions or feelings of anxiety. For more information on how to manage your stress, read more from BetterHelp.

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