Time Management – Best Applications to Increase Your Efficiency

The need for time management is especially necessary when your to-do list is limitless and you do not have time to handle all the staff planned. It is management employers and freelancers who are particularly sensitive to time – they need to be able to independently manage their personal time and coordinate the work of their subordinates.

In order not to waste your time in vain and visit site to have fun, you need to understand two main things:

  1. The goal you want to reach when investing time into anything;
  2. A competent plan of your time based on the goal you are to attain.

We offer you a choice of the most convenient programs that will help you organize and monitor the execution of daily tasks better and increase your efficiency by two or even more. Feel free to pick any application from the list and use it for proper time tracking and planning.

1. TIME Planner

TIME Planner is a useful application for iOS devices with the multi-language support. The program has task manager functions with reminders, time control, the ability to analyze the effectiveness of work for a certain period. So you are free to adjust the settings to your needs and use the application.

2. RescueTime

For those who ask who wonder about how fast the time flies, the program RescueTime has been developed. The application keeps track of what you do at the computer, how much time you spend on social networks, and how much you really work. The solution is ideal for those who like to check the news for a minute, quickly write a message, and spend time on social networks. The program will help to optimize the work and discipline yourself; it is free and is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices (Apple and Android).

3. Timesheet

Through the Timesheet, you can create voice notes, monitor, and plan your work as well as free time. Being primarily targeted towards managers, the application provides for the possibility of calculating work remuneration (based on the time spent on it) and the creation of relevant reports in Excel, PDF, and QuickBooks. The application is free and compatible with Android.

4. Nirvana

For supporters of David Allen’s technique, Getting Things Done (GTD) developed the service Nirvana. The goal of the project is to free a person from memorizing a large number of tasks and help focus on the implementation of a specific current project. Nirvana is based on the cloud system, so access to data will be possible from any device connected to the Internet.

5. Focus booster

Focus booster is a simple timer with a beep that you can use when performing a particular task. The program window will indicate the remaining time until the end of the work, and after the beep, you can take a break. In such a way, you can keep control over the time you spend on performing regular tasks and increase efficiency if necessary.

6. Toggl

Toggl allows you to plan and monitor the time of a single user and the whole team. By adding your employees to the team list, you can track the time spent on the assignments. Also, in the program, you can create team and individual reports. Toggl supports integration with various popular services (Basecamp, JIRA, Teamweek, Google Calendar, etc.).

7. Mind42

Mind42 is a free service based on Intellect card technology or Mindmap. The program creates a visual map-scheme of actions, events and displays information which can be arranged with the help of pictures, inscriptions, and keywords.

Although each application from the list has its own special features, they all are designed to help you handle your time with the maximum efficiency!

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