3 Most Handy Auto & Vehicles Android Apps

A modern smartphone is not only about making calls, messaging or surfing the web. The wide range of system abilities makes a perfect everyday instrument for any purpose, so here is the list of useful apps for car owners by Daniel Wilson, editor at Freepps.Top.

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Simply Auto – Drive with Ease

This one is not as minimalistic as standard auto apps but provides more comprehensive reports. It is also much more customizable. You can decide what to see on the “Add Fill Up” and “Dashboard” screens. There’s also a good function for corporative vehicles, which syncs data between multiple drivers via the Cloud service.

Simply Auto has automatic trip logging. It means that you don’t have to open the app every time you start or stop driving. What is more, there’s no need for a constant Internet connection.

Another distinctive feature is a precise fuel counter, which can track your car efficiency depending on the gas station name, quality of gasoline and octane number.


  • A wide range of free functions.
  • Customizable screens.
  • Automatic trip logging.
  • Google Drive sync.
  • Multiple cars and drivers sync.


  • Pro version is quite expensive compared to Drivvo.
  • Ads in the free version.
  • No day/night regime switch. Dark interface is not very readable under daylight.

According to Freepps.top, Simply Auto is a good choice for counting daily expenses, mileage and car efficiency because it provides in-depth analysis.

Drivvo – Pimp your ride

Have you ever counted how much money you spend on your car? It’s quite difficult to cope with a pile of receipts (and sometimes fines). Drivvo comes in handy.

There are five types of cards to fill in with your daily expenses:

  • Penalties
  • Parking
  • Service
  • Related expenses
  • Route & notifications

Every card has graphs with drop-down menus for any occasion. App’s main screen shows a chronology of payments, which is very comfortable for scrolling. Automatic graphs provide detailed exploitation cost summaries.

Drivvo has a neat light interface and runs fast on all devices with Android 4.0.3 and later.


  • Intuitive minimalistic interface.
  • Fast-fill cards with a wide range of options.
  • Automatic graphs.
  • Readable dynamic history menu.


  • The app has no database of cars’ model range.
  • Adblock is available only in pro version.
  • Achievement menu is practically useless.

Drivvo is a smart, quick and non-irritating app for everyday road costs accounting.

inCarDoc | ELM327 OBD2

This app is designed to be used as a control and info screen for the ELM327 OBD2 bundle, which is suitable for all onboard computers’ protocols. Developers claim a comprehensive variety of diagnostic options, such as:

  • Diagrams and graphs of parameters reading and real-time cloud saving.
  • Diagnostic codes of car’s dashboard reading and cleaning.
  • Fuel consumption benchmark for economy.
  • Driving process diagnostic.
  • Support of additional configuration plugins.
  • Customizable instant error notifications and much more.

It’s easy to delve into app’s interface in a couple of minutes. It has a menu, where you can choose a test type and detailed widgets with the “rec” button on the top bar. The app doesn’t require the latest hardware, so it runs well on the majority of devices.


  • The basic version is free.
  • Pro version is just 3$ and it gives a range of specific tools, including the background mode.
  • Two types of connection to a vehicle: Wi-Fi cable or adapter.


  • No day/night regime switch.
  • Too much info on display sometimes – difficult to read from a small screen.

According to Freepps.top, InCarDoc is a great find for auto enthusiasts and mechanics, who need a cheap and compact solution for car monitoring.

On the whole, all these apps are helpful tools for auto lovers. They’ll complement your driving experience, improve your transport business, and help with the budget matters wherever you are. Download them for free and enjoy your next road trip!

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