Top 3 Dropbox Alternative Apps for Android

When it comes to cloud storage solutions, there was a time when Dropbox was sitting pretty on a throne surrounded by very little competition. While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it did a decent enough job of getting files copied from your device to their servers, at what was seen as a reasonable price at the time.

With little to no competition, where else were you going to go when it came to backing up your work and personal files? Fast forward a decade, and the scenery in the cloud storage solution game has changed radically.

While Dropbox is still a popular choice, it isn’t necessarily the ‘best in class’ anymore. For those looking for a cloud storage solution, it pays to look around before simply settling for the biggest name, and these three alternatives are worthy of your attention.


First up we have pCloud. This nifty cloud storage solution offers a free-tier with 10GB of storage space, apps for your phone, tablet and desktop, and the ability to either copy or sync your files between devices.

There is a paid subscription model, should you require more than 10GB of data to be stored, but perhaps most interestingly of all, they also offer a lifetime backup solution of 2TB for an entire family, for a one-off payment (something that not many rivals do).

When pitted against the likes of Dropbox, not only are you given more space to sync your files for free, but pCloud also offers a far more secure way to keep those files safe and encrypted. Using client-side encryption, pCloud has proved its security credentials during a global challenge where almost 3000 hackers were asked to break into the Cloud Crypto service, without a single successful hack.

With Dropbox and even Google Drive lacking this sort of client-side encryption, those of you who value the privacy of your data should give this company some serious consideration.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a good option, mainly because it is free, and comes integrated with pretty much every Android phone on the market. It has 15GB of storage space given out for free, and up to 30TB if you happen to need such vast amounts.

It is easy to upload the files and folders you need to back up, and is a generally seamless experience for the average user. One caveat to take into account is that your Gmail and Google Photos count towards your Google Drive quota, so if you happen to also be a keen photographer/videographer, bear in mind that your collection of auto-uploaded photo and video files will count towards the allowance total.


With easy to use file-sharing options and an app on pretty much every platform, Google Drive is a great choice for those of you out there who just want to be able to backup and share files easily.

When compared to Dropbox, Google Drive’s free tier offers more storage, and for those of you out there who need a huge amount of upload space, Google Drive is pretty much unrivalled. The chances are you already have the app on your phone, so dive in and see for yourself whether Google Drive is the backup app that suits your needs.


OneDrive is Microsoft’s alternative to Google Drive, with a pretty much identical feature list. It too offers more storage space than Dropbox on the free-tier (although not quite as much as Google Drive), but where OneDrive comes into its own is when combined with an Office 365 subscription.

If you happen to be an Office 365 user, the personal account comes with 1000GB of storage space, which is generally more than anyone would need (with the exception of those who use a lot of video files). If you are a user of the famous Microsoft productivity suite, OneDrive could be the most sensible option for you, seeing as you are paying for it already.

Wrapping Up

Between these three options, there is bound to be a cloud storage solution that suits your needs. Find out what facet is the most important to you, and go with that solution. All three are extremely simple to use, feature-full, and provide a great service for data redundancy. All that’s left for you to do is make your choice.

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