TrueCaller Review: Almost a Decade Later

TrueCaller was launched on Android in September of 2009. Since then, the app’s numbers have skyrocketed due to its continuously improving user interface and an increasing number of features. But how well does it hold today? Let’s find out.


 TrueCaller is an app for smartphone users to display the name of the person who’s making the call, even if the one using the app doesn’t have the contact saved. At least, that’s what it was launched as. Soon, it had the ability to tell if a scammer or a pesky marketer was calling you so that you could avoid irritating and unnecessary interactions. Additionally, it got the ability to block unwanted calls to prevent your headache entirely.

The app has a massive directory of everyone from local business and casinos that offer the best roulette odds in the UK to telemarketers and spam callers that it uses to execute this feature. Once you give permission, TrueCaller will block numbers without your input. However, it will show you afterwards that you had received a call just as a heads up.

If TrueCaller’s directory is not working for you, and you’re still getting unwanted calls, you can build your own blacklist. Add the number(s) to the list, and TrueCaller will automatically block the call. The caller will listen to a busy tone on their end, while your phone won’t even ring. One of the settings allows you to choose whether you wish to be notified of your calls or if you want no notifications.

Another popular feature of TrueCaller lets you search for any name or number and find out the user’s name. You can also find more information like the city or state they live in, their phone carrier, and even a profile picture if they’ve willingly provided it.

This feature, of course, backwards in all meanings and senses. You can find a user’s number just through their name,  though it’s not so accurate at the moment. In fact, the more the users in a location, the more accurate TrueCaller is. Additionally, other users can also find your name through your number or your number through your name.

TrueCaller Cons

 As mentioned above, TrueCaller also lets other users get your information through its search option. This has raised many privacy concerns over the years. Some people have also found that their information shown to others is inaccurate or unacceptable. In rare cases, users have found that their numbers show weird nicknames or never-before-seen photographs.

This problem may have arisen due to the way TrueCaller collects its data. It acquires the information of its users by going collecting how other people have stored their name and photograph. You can update your own information, but if you choose not to, you may be disappointed.


There are two things you can do with TrueCaller. If you’re concerned with the privacy concerns, you can unlist your name and number from the Trucaller directory. This, of course, requires you to remove your account and stop using the app. However, if you feel the app’s benefits far outweigh its cons, you can continue to make good use of it. With so many new features being added — like Truemessenger and TrueCaller Pay — your experience is sure to only get better.

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