Would it ever be possible to dethrone some of the most popular apps on the internet?

Boy oh boy, apps such as Instagram are sure to never move their big fat butts out of the top 10 apps section in the Google Play store…and there are multiple reasons as to why this is the case! First things first, the god damn app allows you to get validation from strangers from all over the internet for free. Then, it lets you feel like you are a good photographer when you are nothing of the sort in the end…and that’s the cold, harsh truth that you will eventually have to face. Hell, people are liking those pics of yours just because they know you, or rather, they feel sorry about you. No, they don’t like that close-up picture of your granny’s table, so feel free to step off and do something that’s a bit more productive…like watching best VR porn or something like that. This is just a joke! Of course…just a joke, it’s not like a person like you would ever want to play some porn games or fool around with porn cams! Did you notice anything weird? These words caught your attention real quick, and that’s the kind of thing you need to do with your apps if you want to make it in the software development game! See, apps like Instagram and Twitter would be dethroned rather easily if someone ended up making a social network that simply works better…but guess what: There is nothing like that out there! These are simply the consequences of a free market. However, we do not deal with real-life capital here, but rather, we are talking about traffic and nothing but that. Even though traffic is easily converted into capital if you place a few ads here and there, you get the idea. The message being thrown in your face is “be provocative.” There is no other way to put it: You have to strut around like a peacock with your apps and your ideas because if you do not do this, someone else will…and when someone takes your spot in the app store, it would be pretty hard for you to dethrone these folks. However, it is important that you remember that you have to keep things simple while being innovative at the same time. Apps like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds are both pretty god damn simple…and they both have something to do with birds, so you should try and draw a conclusion of some sort out of all of this in the end.

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