Unholy Alliance : Microsoft Released Office Mobile 365 Android App

Android App

After last month’s launching of the Office Mobile for iOS, now Microsoft released their Office Mobile Android App for Office 365, just in case you got bored with your free Office Suite provided by Google.

If you choose to give Microsoft Office Mobile a try, you will be able to edit documents on your smartphone and also to synchronize them via SkyDrive, the free-of-charge file hosting service.


In terms of design, as you can see for yourself, the User Interface looks just like the WP 8, but it makes a great team with Android’s Holo Theme. The Office Mobile 365 Android App allows you to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, featuring animations, charts, comments, shapes and even SmartArt graphics, basically it offers the same functionality as the PC version of the software.


One of the nicest features of the Android App is that it reflows the documents in order to make them look/fit good on your screen and they are also easier to edit. But, if you download them on your PC, the formatting is not affected, also they appear in the Recent Docs tab. So, if you decide to further edit them on the phone, you can do that without a problem, with the Resume Reading feature. Also, you can share your documents from your phone when you finish editing.


The Office Mobile 365 Android App is available for download in Google Play Store right away, but for the time being, it’ US only. Microsoft promised to add more countries  in the near future, but you will have to install an Android 4.0+ version on your smartphone for the application to work. Also, the App will work only on a smartphone, if you have a tablet you will have to stick around for future updates. And that’s pretty weird, since a tablet is the logical choice when it comes to editing documents, rather than a s. Well, you know Microsoft, so let’s get over it. Obviously, in order to use the Android App, you will have to be subscribed to Office 365, else you will only benefit from a 30 day free trial period.

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