Verizon Launches Safe WiFi VPN Android App

If you’re considering surfing the “interwebz” protected and you think you can trust a big corporation like Verizon with that, the Safe WiFi VPN Android app has your name on it. The Verizon-branded virtual private network service dubbed to be “safe” by the company is not free, as it will drain 4 bucks monthly from your bank account.

Okay, $3,99, but according to Verizon, the Safe WiFi VPN app will allow you to browse the internet safe and sound, without a worry in the world. All of your traffic will be encrypted, and for $3.99, you’ll get protection for up to ten devices on a single Verizon account. Basically, your whole family and your dog will be able to stay safe with this baby in the same time.

The Safe WiFi VPN app automatically kicks in every time you’re connecting your device to a public WiFi, hence its name. Why? Well, because public WiFis are the most dangerous for one’s cyber-security, as they’re prone to hacking and what not. Hence, here’s when you need a VPN the most to encrypt your internet traffic and prevent hackers from stealing your data. Basically, using a VPN service when connecting to a public WiFi is mandatory when it comes to sensitive stuff, like making an online payment  or logging into your bank account from your droid, and so on and so forth.

Safe WiFi also comes with a track blocker, which blocks tracking cookies (no, this is not an ad blocker), and considering the price asked, this doesn’t sound bad at all, provided you are not having an issue with entrusting your internet service provider with keeping you anonymous while cruising the interwebz (this is an oxymoron by the way). I would strongly suggest you to take a look at Verizon Safe Wi-Fi terms of service before anything, and if you’re happy with what you’re seeing, well, move along.

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