Dragon Ninja Rush Review: Addictive And Challenging Gameplay

Dragon Ninja Rush is a fast-paced 2D platform runner with a side face view. There isn’t much story to the game play, but as an addictive time pass, it qualifies with flying colors.

After you have launched the game, this will be the main screen.

As you can see, here you will get to see your character level along with other details. There are two types of currencies in the game – gold and gems. Both can be collected in-game or purchased from the shop with real-world money.

Besides the shop, there is the option to see achievements you need to complete to advance your rank, as well as tasks you need to complete. These add a layer of objectives to an otherwise, full-fledged finite runner title. Up to the right, if you click on the trophy icon, you will be able to see how many achievements you have completed, and how much exp points they have to offer.

There are options to include pets which will accompany you on your run. You can also purchase mounts, which will be used to ride on. These add a level of aesthetic value to the overall gameplay.

Here is the menu where you can buy new pets:

You can also purchase and change characters if you want:


GamePlay wise, you will have to run forwards and collects gold along the way. Obstacles and enemies will be waiting to kill you, but you are given options to jump, double jump and slide to avoid or destroy them.

If you die in-game, you will be given the option to review yourself and continue further:

On complete game over, a screen will show you how much you scored, the gold collected, and distance traveled.

Overall, this is an excellent game to kill time, with an additive and challenging gameplay. Furthermore, the fact that it is free with non intrusive ads makes it all the more better.









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