Find My Phone App Review

findphoneAt one point or another, I believe everyone has lost their phone at least once. Back when cell phones were relatively new, there was no way to track a missing phone and the only time you heard of the word “triangulation” was on a crime solving show such as CSI. Well, the good news is that not only is this a scientific term for a high tech TV show, but now the app Find My Phone will use such technology to help you find your lost phone.

How it works?

Essentially, you’ll want to do this before your phone is lost because it would be pretty impossible to use after the phone is missing. You’ll install the Find My Phone app on your phone that you’d like to do the tracking from, you’ll then create an official account for Find My Phone, you’ll implement the number for the phone that you’d like to track, they’ll receive a text message, they have to reply yes to that message and then you will be tracking their phone.

So any time that their phone is lost or has gone missing, you can turn on the app, use triangulation to pin point the location of the phone. The only thing it won’t tell you is exactly what it could be hiding under such as a couch or other furniture.


  • Uses pin point technology known as triangulation. While you may have heard of such technology on crime solving TV shows, this is real technology and is used by agencies and satellites to help relay information. This is highly accurate and can pin point the exact spot on a map where something is.
  • You can find any Android or iPhone device. This isn’t limited to only specific versions or brands of Android or iPhone devices, it’ll work on any of them as long as the app is installed on both of the devices so that one can do the tracking while the other device is missing.
  • The battery usage of Find My Phone is incredibly low compared to almost any other app for the general purpose of finding phones. It’s extremely battery safe and works on any version of Android which is a huge plus!
  • Great for family members or kids who may lose their phones easily so that you can track them down with relative ease. Find My Phone could also be great for cautious parents who want to spy on their kids to see what they’re up to or to see if they’re really going to the location they told you they were.
  • If you and a friend are on a trip and you get lost, you can easily find each other with this app. The only use for Find My Phone isn’t just for finding missing phones but for finding missing people with their phone on them as well.
  • Has a crime reports feature for the areas that you’re staying in.


  • Some users on certain devices have complained that it drains their battery more than the app advertises that it does.
  • While the app is accurate to pin point precision most of the time, sometimes it can give off the wrong coordinates and location for where a phone really is.

Final Analysis:

Overall, there really aren’t too many cons to the Find My Phone app. It’s a great app and it works with relative ease. It’s great to have a tool like this readily available when you need to find a phone, a family member or a buddy lost on vacation but there are still some small quirks to fix for providing inaccurate GPS data at times. I would recommend this app.


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