Game Review: Plusynaps Brain Puzzles

Android App game developers Sinexs have just launched a new game called Plusynaps. The idea of this game is that Aliens have started to attack the earth and your job is to save the earth by solving some puzzles that tests human intelligence. The faster you solve the puzzles, the higher score you will get. The purpose of the game is to train your brain for better response time and concentration. Solving these puzzles will help you better realize complex interrelationships.

Plusynaps works as follows:

  • Objects are arranged horizontally and/or vertically into a 4×4 matrix
  • They are somehow in relation with each other
  • You have to figure out what the logical relationship between the objects are
  • There are 3 tries per level
  • The faster you solve the puzzles the higher score you get

Below are the types of equations you may have to solve:


Addition: You must figure out the end equation by using addition to “add” the shapes together.





Existence: You must figure out which elements have the same shapes using different colors and orders.





Intersection: Match elements that have matching objects of the same color and the same position on the board.





Difference: The difference between the first and second elements is already determined. All you have to do is find the next piece of the puzzle. This means that you must find the different between the second 2 elements.




Rotation: Find the matching elements that have been rotated.





 Combination: Find combinations between elements.




Plusynaps is a great way to keep your brain in tip top shape. This is the first android app game that Sinexs has developed and is good for a first game. Through the days that we have tested the game, we have noticed better day to day brain performance. If you are looking to increase your brains functional performance while playing a fun game at the same time, then you may really enjoy this android game. To download this game for free, simply click the link below and install the game on your android device.



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