How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers

Video content is more accessible than ever. And video production sites are not just for leisure. Since video content has a greater accessibility that makes it appear everywhere, it’s also more important than ever to use in leveraging your business, especially when it comes to marketing or spreading awareness about your brand.


According to Cisco, video will account for about 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, and video-on-demand traffic will have almost tripled by 2017. Studies show that over half of all companies use video content to market their business. According to The Guardian, Nielsen reported that about 64 percent of marketers expect that video will be at the top of their marketing strategy in the near future.

Why not engage your digital audience with video content to help boost your business? As a content marketer, you can use video sharing apps and websites to help your business share different kinds of interactive video content with your audience. Not only is video content engaging on both a visual and audio level, but it’s a lot more interesting and entertaining than reading pages and pages of text about your business. If a picture can paint a thousand words, than perhaps a video can paint millions.


They Allow Businesses to Share Live Seminars and Q&A Sessions

If you would like to connect with your audience in real time, you can use apps to create and share streaming video broadcasts with your entire digital audience. Such apps allow you to stream live Q&A sessions in which presenters answer questions from their digital audience, both queued ahead of time and asked live during the broadcast, as well as other live events like seminars or competitions. Such video content engages your company’s audience and allows them to feel connected to you and your business.


Businesses can embed videos right on their websites.

Video sharing sites allow you to embed video content right on your website, so that your customers and audience don’t have to leave your website to see the engaging video content you’ve created. This makes it easier for your content to be delivered immediately, where it can instantaneously catch the eye of someone who is browsing your website.


Companies can stream virtual events on this cloud-based platform.

If you’re looking for the best video streaming for your business’ virtual events, then you might want to check out providers like Blue Jeans. All inclusive, cloud-based platforms like these allow users to collaborate on the video being shared, and offers your digital audience the ability to connect no matter where they are or what equipment they’re using. It also lets users see reactions first hand with both video and participants in view. Whether you want to host a wide scale virtual corporate event or simply stream a company meeting, a full service video streaming provider is perfect for all of your needs.


Video sharing sites allow businesses to promote video content across social media channels.

In order to boost the potential of your video content, you need to make it more accessible to your digital audience and share it across all social media sites and channels, including mobile platforms. Mobile engagement is on the rise, as smart phones have become ubiquitous technology when it comes to media. Don’t neglect tablets either, as tablets are an increasingly important segment as well. Since so many people are constantly connected to social media via mobile devices, it important to take this into consideration when it comes to sharing and generating fresh content about your business and brand on social media.


Diversity of video sharing sites allow business to consider the audience they’re trying to reach before deciding which platform to use.

When deciding which video sharing platform or site to use, consider the audience you’re trying to reach and ensure that both the video content and the site you’re using are relevant to them. You’re simply wasting your time if you’re not using the best means to get your message across to your target audience.


Businesses can include a call to action when sharing videos.

Whenever you’re sharing video content with your digital audience, it’s important to remember to include a call to action in order to engage your customers and ensure that they will want to watch your video content. Including text with your videos also gives your customers the option of reading instead of watching your video and adds more content to your website. This text will also interact with search engines to give you a boost in search engine optimization rankings.

Video sharing sites allow smaller businesses to create video content and engage with their digital audience and customers while staying on budget. Video content, especially on sites that allow users to interact with presenters, can be even more engaging than social media sites, allowing businesses to market to a wide audience in a fun way.


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