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Inkifi - Instagram Printing 2

Thanks to the new Android app from Inkifi, now available for download for free from the Google Play Store, you will now benefit from the Instagram Printing App from Inkifi directly on your Android running smartphone or tablet.

Just click here, download and install the new Android version of the Inkifi app and start printing Instagram photos!

If you don’t know what I’m blabbering about, let me provide you with a brief history of Instagram, a crash course, the reader’s digest version or whatever you want to call it.

Instagram was born in October 2010 and it was an instant hit, becoming  the number one photo-sharing program on the mobile market in just two shakes of a lamb’s tale (don’t take the metaphor literally, but basically that’s what happened).

Instagram created a huge social networking platform, which allowed over 100.000.000 users to take snapshots, modify them with all sorts of fancy digital filters and after the art-work was finalized, to share them with their friends/other users, via Instagram or social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram was so successful, that Facebook acquired the company for a ridiculous amount of money, over 1 billion dollars in cash and stock, after just a year and a half from its inception.  Just imagine a small company with only 13 employees, sold after 18 months for over dollars! How cool is that?

The huge success of the Instagram app was due to its simplicity and the quality of digital filters used to alter the photographs. Even the most boring picture, when fine-tuned with Instagram, became a “work of art”, or at least much better than before.

Well, Inkifi was standing on the shoulders of a giant (that’s Instagram folks) when they created the Android app that allows Instagram users to create (actually to print) hard copies of Instagram photos. The idea itself is very simple yet so ingenious, that you may wonder why nobody else thought about it before. Well, Inkifi actually did that, and with a huge success.Inkifi - Instagram Printing 1

Now, with the Inkifi app for Android, you can take the snapshots made with your smartphone and turn them into old-school Polaroid style prints.  You can upload the digital photographs from your Instagram account directly to the Inkifi’s website and from there, you can use them in various ways : if you want mini squares photos, Polaroid style, Inkifi will offer you packs of 24 to 48 photos. Also, you can apply your beloved photos to a vast range of products offered by Inkifi, such as canvas prints (these will exhibit your photos in high quality), greeting cards and also classical framed prints, which are the perfect gift for your beloved friends of family members.

Inkifi - Instagram Printing

Wait, there’s more : you can even print your digital art on acrylic blocks, fridge magnets and the like. You can order all these things directly from your Android device via the Instagram Printing App For Android from Inkifi , anytime, anywhere and you’ll have them delivered to your home!


To use the Inkifi services is fairly easy: the orders are confirmed via email, they have a world wide shipping policy, payment is made instantly and securely via your Pay-Pal account or your Credit Card and if you have any questions, just contact Inkifi’s support center.



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