How to Make Friends With the Pal App for Android

If you’re an Android user looking to make real friends over the “interwebz“, boy, do we have good news for you? Enter the Pal App, a brand new tool aimed at helping you ditch Mark Zuckerberg’s digital ghetto, also known as Facebook. I am only kidding, a little bit, but seriously speaking, there’s a big difference between social media and Pal.

While social media is mainly about virtue signaling and taking selfies obsessively while chasing “likes” like a cat chases snowflakes, the Pal Android app will help you find and meet real people; as its name suggests, the app is focused on helping you find some new pals to fill your empty cat-pictures filled life. If you’re socially awkward, to put it mildly, you might be interested in giving Pal a try, especially if you’re new in town and looking to find someone to share a pint of beer with, or watch the game, exchange a few impressions about that darn’ Trump or whatever.

To begin with, you’ll have to visit the Google Play Store, download and install the app and take it from there. The registration process is straight forward, friendly and intuitive and you’ll be asked to provide an email address plus some intel about yourself, such as your location (that’s kind of important), DoB, interests (walking, cycling, food, music, shopping etc.) and so forth and so on.  There’s a category for everybody, don’t worry about it.

Pal App Android

I find it refreshing that the Pal App is not social justice warrior/snowflake oriented, as it will ask you for your gender and will only offer the binary option, i.e. are you a male or female? If you’re identifying yourself as an attack helicopter, this is not the droid you’re looking for. As per sexual orientation, the Pal app also keeps it very simple: gay or straight. God, I love this app already. You’ll also be asked to write a few lines about yourself, an intro of sorts, and then about your lingua franca (what’s your mother tongue) and who can be allowed to find you, as in men/women/you know the drill. That’s about it, your profile is almost done, so you’ll have to press a big button that reads GO and you’re set for finding new pals.

Obviously, you can search for pals using “Activity” as a filter-criteria, or you may leave the filter on default, “all” that is, and see who’s using the app in your area.

Good luck, have fun.

For more details, here are a few hints:

Visit the Pal website, or like Pal on Facebook,follow Pal on Twitter
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