Playing Live Casino Games on Android Smartphones

Gambling must be one of the oldest “professions” in the world, if I may use that word, but with the advents of modern technology, gambling is facing a new era.

Since the dawn of the internet,  which changed almost every aspect of our lives, ranging from how we do business  to how we’re interacting with others socially speaking (read dating), playing live casino games on our home computers and later on our droids became possible.

Today, all you need to feed your gambling urges in real time is a smartphone/tablet and an internet connection, the rest is easy as pie.

I mean, with internet readily available, playing online casino games or gambling live in the privacy of your home (or at your office, but don’t tell anyone, alright?) became a child’s play and online Casinos flourished and prospered starting with the roaring 90’s.

And since you don’t always have access to your home-computer, Android running smartphones and tablets became the weapon of choice when it came to cruising online casinos.

Now, talking about online casinos, one of the classiest games in the world is roulette, a name which became synonym nowadays with online gambling. And of course, playing roulette online is now easier than ever; all you require for that is an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone. You can play online roulette for real money or, using demo accounts, for free.

Just check it out at William Hill – it’s live, and you’ll understand what I am talking about here!

Basically, as mobile/wireless internet became readily available anywhere in the world  and the use of smartphones gained popularity in the “gambling aficionado” community, online casino gambling became massively popular too.

Obviously, the top online casinos quickly realized the huge potential of online/mobile gambling, so they acted accordingly, by creating specially designed mobile casino apps, which were very easy to play using virtually any type of handheld/smart device: a tablet, a smartphone or even a smartwatch.

As a logical result, the number of gambling enthusiasts using mobile online casino apps grew exponentially from year to year, as they discovered the benefits of playing their favorite online-casino games on their tablets or smartphones.

Today, most of the top online gambling sites/casinos have a dedicated section for players using their mobile devices, with the main focus on popular platforms, with Android being the most popular, for obvious reasons.

And here are some of the best online casino sites offering live casinos for Android smartphones:

-Spin Palace Casino

-Ruby Fortune

-GamingClub Casino

-JackPotCity Casino

-Royal Vegas Online Casino

There are more and more Android apps for online casinos appearing almost every day, but don’t sweat it, even if it seems hard  to know where to start from.  My favorite picks are listed above, so you’d better check them out and tell me what you think.

Remember that playing real money on Android casino games is a very real and safe possibility nowadays, as long as you keep your personal data in your droid locked at all times.

Also, online Android casinos respect the highest standards in the industry in terms of data security and like all casinos, they’re regulated and audited to make sure that their games are fair.



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