Quick Review: Sheep Up! for Android

Sheep Up!Sheep Up! is a new game from Bad Seed and Pocket Gems Publishing that involves a sheep with a unique ability. The hero of this tale is a toy sheep with a knack for jumping, and you’ll have to help him bounce through boxes to set the wooly warrior free.sheep.up-2 Sheep Up! is the tale of a toy sheep that’s become trapped in a cardboard box. Your job is to help Mr. Sheep escape his cardboard prison by jumping “up” to the next floor. Each level presents you with a timer, some coins, and a very bouncy sheep. You’ll control Mr. Sheep by titling your device, and you’ll want to guide him to the coins and around obstacles as you try to make it to the exit as quickly as possible. Each level is comprised of several mini-stages, and you’ll be given a score at the end of each set based on your time and how many goals you’ve completed. Sheep Up! does a great job of easing you into the game at first, but it doesn’t take long before the difficulty ramps up sheep.up-1and you’re presented with locked exits, enemies, tacks, and other hazards. I haven’t finished the game out yet, but it does an excellent job of throwing new things at you which keeps things fresh as you bounce through the worlds of Sheep Up! You start your adventure in the Seasons Theme Box, but will have to make it through two more themed boxes (lunch box & aquarium) before you truly break free. There are 10 levels per box, but each level has 5 sheep up!mini-stages, so you’re looking at well over 100 stages in the game. The shop section of Sheep Up! is full of cool goodies as well as you can buy sheep suits, extra lives, and power-ups. Sheep Up! is an awesome little platformer that will keep you busy for hours with its unique gameplay and stylish graphics. If you dig unlockables, there are plenty of them to shoot for with the Sheep suits, and you have the added challenge of trying to 3-star all of the levels. There are some in-app purchases present, but everything is tastefully done and you won’t need to buy anything to finish out the game. If you’re ready to give it a go, you can pick up Sheep Up! for free on Google Play.

Sheep Up!


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