RetouchMe Makes your Photos Perfect

When you think that the photo you have just taken looks horrible, you have no need to worry. RetouchMe is a great app to help with making your photos a little bit extra perfect. It allows you to remove blemishes and make corrections to every part of your body. You can reduce your tummy, get a thin waistline, increase muscle size tighten your booty all without having to go to the plastic surgeon. RetouchMe does it all with the help of designers that are available 24/7.

Imperfection in your photos is a thing of the past. With RetouchMe you can have the perfect selfie without having to take a dozen pictures trying to find the right light or angle.

Using the app was reasonably easy. You will need to allow the app access to your camera roll. You then choose the photo you want to have edited. There are four tabs, Body, Face, Background and Fun. Each tab contains further editing options for you to select from. You can choose flat stomach, a better butt, thinner legs, fewer wrinkles, smooth skin, just a few out of the many you can choose from. Once you’re done choosing what you want to edit you simply tap send to the designer to get the work started. It generally doesn’t take long and with 30 minutes or less, you should have the edited image.

RetouchMe use credits which you can purchase within the app. For $0.99 you can get 20 credits which enough to do a minimum of 2 edits. $2.99 will give you 80, $4.99 gives you 140, $9.99 gets you 360 and all the way up to 3000 credits worth $48.99.

RetouchMe app is free to download but you must have the credits to edit. As well as for Android the app is available for iOS. Give it a try you certainly can’t go wrong.


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