Review of the iFOREX Application

Finding a trading platform that meets your investment needs is very important. You want to make sure that the platform is easy for you to use, and does not require a very steep learning curve. Novice traders especially can get frustrated if a platform is too sophisticated and hard to figure out. What is also important is the platform provides several different tools which can allow you to become a successful trader. You need top of the line technical analysis tools, along with educational software that can teach you how to trade and execute transactions.

You want to use a platform that offers hundreds of securities, but you also want one that provides the necessary functionality that will allow you to successfully trade. If you need a wide variety of products where you can trade them in multiple languages, then the iFOREX trading platform is a prudent choice.

The iFOREX trading platform was constructed using customer preferences leveraging the companies more than 20-years in the capital markets. The.  iFOREX offers its clients a browser-based interface along with a mobile platform, iFOREX appeals to investors who are looking for a flexible trading platform.

What the iFOREX Edge

The engine used to run the iFOREX platform uses FXnet for a specific friendly user interface. iFOREX provides 600-tradable securities including contracts for differences on forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and shares. In addition, the iFOREX app has a robust educational section that is geared toward both the advanced trader and the novice. In addition to articles and videos on how to trade, you can find specific topics such as risk management and technical analysis methodologies. You will also have access to a real-time economic calendar that shows forecasted and actual economic releases.

iFOREX provides customers with a demonstration account which allows you to test drive their platform before you risk real capital. This can help you in the short term as well as the long term. In the short term a demo account will allow you to execute trades without having to risk real capital. If you make a mistake there are no financial consequences. iFOREX will provide you with thousands of dollars worth of demo money which will provide you with funds to test your strategies. You can continue to use a demo account and test new strategies which will help you over the long term.

iFOREX Mobile Trading Platform

The iFOREX mobile trading platform provides excellent flexibility.The iFOREX mobile application is geared to traders who are always on the move and need access to balances, positions and real-time news. The application allows you to monitor your risk, execute trades, as well as deposit and withdraw funds.

Customer Support

iFOREX puts the customer first. They understand that it can be frustrating if you cannot attain an answer to a trading question in short order. The company offers the ability to interact via phone, chat, and email.  iFOREX prides itself on providing customers with enhanced customers services experience.


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