SaveUp: Save Money & Win Cash

SaveUp: Save Money & Win Cash - screenshot

With SaveUp, every time you’re paying your bills or you’re saving some of your hard earned cash, you’ll be eligible to win millions of dollars.

Yeah, it sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But, truth be told, SaveUp will help you win your dream and save some money in the process. With SaveUp, you’ll get a high-five every time you’re paying bills/debt or you’re saving because every time you’re doing this you’ll have a chance to win their $2 million jackpot.

The application will act as your personal bookkeeper. All you have to do is to download it and install it and go from there. You’ll have to add your accounts in the app and let it do your bookkeeping for you by tracking your personal finance across the vast majority of banks/credit unions in the country.

SaveUp: Save Money & Win Cash - screenshot

When you’re saving money or paying debts, you’ll be rewarded with credits by the app (with SaveUp you’re rewarded when doing the right thing, not when you’re spending, that’s something new, don’t you think?). You can use the earned credits later when you’re playing for the 2 million jackpot. Everything is absolutely free!

Obviously, in the age of the internet you can connect with your friends and convince them to take a test about their financial knowledge. The more friends you convince, the more chances you get for the jackpot!


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