Wrike – Flexible Software for Project Management

Wrike is the kind of project management software that can be used by both small to medium-sized businesses and huge enterprises alike, as it offers a lot of flexibility and scalability. There are several plans available to your business, each with various tiers of service, even a free plan for 5 users. Or simply begin a free trial, which is excellent if you want to give the paid plans a spin first.

creating their software for project management back in 2006, Wrike actually struggled with remote collaboration and could not find a tool, which is how the company ended up creating the software. Today, Wrike serves Fortune 1000 clients such as PayPal, Google, and HTC. The company describes itself as a real-time project management platform which gives you task tracking as well as collaborative features.

image1 In layman’s terms, it’s a tool for better teamwork. Using Wrike’s software will give you a central place for attaching work files, engaging in work-related discussions, and organizing plus tracking your team’s work. Being a centralized system, you can deal with the various deadlines you tackle and even balance the resources at your disposal quite easy. Best of all, having visibility into each team member’s workload allows you to monitor the status of each project without having to schedule status meetings.

With Wrike, you’ll have to deal with familiar and fairly simple project management tools: you can engage in resource planning with the interactive timeline (a.k.a. the Gantt charts), you can generate reports such as burn-down charts and workload reports. In both the desktop and mobile apps, simple user interfaces and effective communication are front and center, and here, Wrike really does a great job, making the platform incredibly easy to use even if you’re not a techie.

Wrike integrates with all kinds of services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox, even specialized developer tool like JIRA and GitHub. And it uses a single, three-paned window to display data about all your projects. There’s also a newsfeed which aims at keeping users informed in real time about all the recent activities. The cherry on top —so to speak — is its mobile app (available in both native iOS and Android), which only means that Wrike can be accessed anytime, from anywhere using your mobile device.

Wrike supports an unlimited number of projects, setup is quick and intuitive, and there’s even a time tracking feature, together with customizable reports and dashboards. Due to its intuitive design, Wrike offers lots of ways to integrate with other services and applications and you can even choose to build your own integration using its API.


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