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Android Tipitaka is an app for reading the Theravada Buddhist Pali Tipitaka, commentaries and sub-commentaries in Pali. It is suitable for advanced students of the Pali language, as it does not include English translations. It does have several Pali-English dictionaries and can be extended to include the off-line archive with many English translations by various authors.Features:- Entire Pali Tipitaka, Commentaries and Sub-commentaries, as well as other texts- Search and bookmark functions- Pali-English dictionary resources, including the PED, CPED, CEPD, and DPPN.- Instant dictionary lookup with declension matching by highlighting words in text (Android 3+)- English website integration and ability to bookmark ATI pages- Pali-English quiz to test vocabulary- – – – -Android Tipitaka is based on the free and open source E-Tipitaka project by Sutee Sudprasert: is available as a forked project on github itself: files are taken from the VRI tipitaka here: first run, the app will download the required database file (20+ MB). That’s the only time it uses the Internet; there are no ads, etc. If it doesn’t download the database properly, download the file here: it in your sd card directory and unpack it with a file manager.Keywords: pali tipitaka buddhism buddhist buddha dhamma dharma canon tripitaka

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